Sunday Five

I'm not sure I miss blogging, but I sure do miss this blog.  It's been a handy way to help myself remember what's going on.  No promises, but I'm going to try . . . and I'll share the link on Facebook when I post, so no need to check this website frequently only to be disappointed :-)  However, it may be a long time before I update the blog photos so feel free to stay for a blast from the past! 

 Here's my Sunday 5 wrap up for this week: 

1.  This week has been hard.  Saying goodbye to grandma Elsie last week was tough and while I figured we(I) had recovered from all the baby-roadtripping, the emotional exhaustion lasted a bit longer.  It was tempting to make a lot of rash decisions, like quitting all my obligations, proposing a cross-country move etc.  This is why I married someone far more level-headed than me :-)  Anyway, I still think of grandma a lot, and her advice and opinions will always be a part of my world outlook. 

2.  In my stubbornness and mild cr…

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