Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Learning the Fine Art of Making Jerky and Summer Sausage

Heather and I enrolled in a Community Education & Enrichment Course offered by Central Wyoming College. It was in Lander, where Heather is now their museum director. It was taught by three women from Hi Mountain Seasonings. The first night we each got about a pound of eye of round and used a special cutting board, supplied by Hi Mountain Seasonings, to cut the meat in good-sized strips (approximately 1/2 inch thick). The following day we cooked our jerky in a stove on special screens, also supplied by Hi Mountain Seasonings, for the two hours we were in class. Because the boards and screens were not good enough for their products (minor defects), we got to keep them, which was a nice bonus. We spent the second night learning how to make summer sausage and, by the end of the night, each of us got to take home a pound of jerky and a good-sized sausage.
My "winnings" from the course:

They also provided us with some free stuff, including a bumper sticker that they sell:

"Vegetarian" - An old Western word meaning Lousy Hunter.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


We may not have cows, our family neighbors may not have cows, but the person who leases land from our family neighbors does! Occasionally, the cows like to get up-close and personal with our fence line and, when the dog is not chasing outdoor cats or barking at coyotes, he enjoys making sure that the cows know to stay away from our property.

It's soothing (or just bizarre) when you can be working and look to your right and see cows eating grass and mooing to each other. It does get a little strange, though, when you mistake a zooming car at your parent's house in Northern Virginia for a mooing cow. Some might say you've been in Wyoming a bit too long at that point in time. ;-)

Sorry I can't get any closer shots. The cows don't much appreciate being disturbed from their feeding.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A trip to the big city

James and I went to the big city of Casper the other weekend to do some big city shopping :) On the way we stopped at Hell's Half Acre, a weird geologic oddity in the middle of no where. Anyway, it's where they filmed a scene in Starship Troopers apparently. More interestingly, there is archaeological evidence that the cliff was used by Native Americans for buffalo drives. You can read more about it here.

Anyway, our day in Casper was very exciting as James picked up new jeans to wear to horsemanship and I picked up some "Western professional" attire. Anyway, they highlight of it all is my super exciting new boots.

For those of you curious about what a shopping trip in the big city looks like, here's the breakdown of the "big" stores: Wal-Mart, Target, JCPenneys and Sears. The mall had a Corral West Ranchwear, blacklight mini golf, an exotic pet store (Caimans as pets? Is that even legal?), a few fantasy trinket stores (think weird electronic waterfall "art") and a few christian bookstores. Aside from clothing, we picked up a super-awesome "The Office" motivational calendar. We also stopped by Lou Tauberts, which is the coolest western store I have ever seen.

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