Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Trip to Elko

This past weekend, James, myself and grandma Elsie headed out to Elko, NV to see a cousin graduate. It was great to spend the weekend with family and get back to something resembling civilization (well, at least someplace with a Starbucks!). My aunt and uncle have a gorgeous house in the hills of Spring Creek with a fabulous view of the Ruby Mountains. As James and I are animal lovers at heart, most of our pictures are of the menagerie at their house. (Also, many of the pictures we took were unfortunately taken inside at night and didn't come out). It was even more exciting as my cousin is involved with wildlife rehab/rescue and brought baby raccoons!

Additionally, my aunt has just gotten two brittany spaniel puppies (Duke and Duchess . . . Duke came first and was named after John Wayne).

Unnecessary Videos of our Sheep

Here are a few videos of Tex and Baldwin running in the field. In case we haven't updated on the status of our sheep family, Sug, Baldwin's surrogate mother was returned to my aunt a few weeks ago. Tex (named after his breed, Texel) was another bum lamb and seems to be doing just fine. He sounds like a wookie instead of a traditional "Baaaa" and gets pretty upset when separated from Baldwin.

Five on Friday

1.  Look at these winter white legs out enjoying the sunshine at the dino park.  Spring has FINALLY sprung! These boys went from winter di...