Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pets, pets and more pets

The other week as James and I were headed to town for another fabulous Riverton date night, we found two puppies and a mother dog, errrmmm, munching on roadkill in the center of the highway. I felt bad as they were probably going to be hit, so we loaded them up in the car and brought them home. After a week of attempts to find the owner, a report from the construction workers that they just showed up one day, and many assumptions that they were just abandoned Rez dogs, we hooked up with Lander Pet Connection to find homes for these lovely pups. As we were ready for their big debut (the LPC adopt-a-thon) James realized that "Mamma" needed to stay as part of our family. She's a great pup, gets along with Sky and an all-around good dog. Apparently, a small, 25 lb, female dog is the holy grail of rescue pets and there was a lot of interest for her, but after a few possible adoptions, we decided we'd love to keep her. We were however, successful in adopting out Biscuit, and we're now just looking for an adopter for Sandy. Each day older Sandy gets, we realize that she's probably going to be a boxer, as her little legs get longer and longer. She still needs a good home if anyone's interested : ) Mamma also needs a "permanent" name if you have any ideas!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Life needs a few more pigger-keggers

So, I've been working on a genealogy project, as well as going through old papers etc. I just found a GREAT letter from my great-grandfather to his friend back in Chicago describing the hot women that were to be found in Mulberry, Kansas. Anyway, after finding the clipping below, I decided to compile some of my favorite pig roast pictures. Missing is a picture from my mom and dad's hippie wedding. Anyway, Grandma and Grandpa's pigger-keggers were quite the social events! I've even received an email recently from a woman who had a Pozun pig at her wedding. She shared some fond memories of grandma and papa, and is on the search for an antique intestine scraper like grandma and papa used. I'm sure if grandma and papa hadn't gotten married at the Chicago courthouse, they would have had a pig at their wedding too. I'm sure more pig pictures will follow. . .

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