Monday, June 22, 2009

Dogs on Patrol

Another big accomplishment for the month has been Sky and June's training on the wireless fencing system. Now we can let them outside without supervision and don't need to worry about them chasing coyotes, getting sprayed by skunks, getting hit on the highway or shot by local ranchers. Yay!

Anyway, aside from oh, finally being responsible pet owners, this will hopefully help in operation "please don't resent baby Watson." Now, I've been able to start "ignoring" them more and just letting them be outside dogs for stretches at a time. They're quite funny as they spend most of their day like this on top the cellar:
June keeps vigil up toward the hills and Sky keeps his eyes on the truck (a favorite spot of the outdoor cats) and the highway. They don't run around a whole lot on their own (we still go out and play fetch etc for exercise) but they also don't nap outside, so they pretty much crash when they come inside. June also really likes our tall patio chairs so she can get a better look at everything. Life must be tough with short stumpy legs and fields of grass twice your height:

Here's a silly video I took of Sky with a new favorite toy grandma found him at the Thrift Store. It may be the only toy he has that he will entertain himself with . . . though he does prefer if you'll toss it for him of course!

Other projects for the past few weeks have been homemade bread (in grandma's bread maker). The cinnamon raisin turned out really well:
We also had baked brie with rhubarb the other day that was pretty awesome as well as a few failed baking attempts that I'd like to blame on "pregnancy brain" because really, how does a rational person accidentally add one extra stick of butter to a cake.


On Sunday I joined Grandma and the historical society for a trip out to Castle Gardens. Anyway, what's on that BLM site is about all the information that exists on these petroglyphs, so I've got no words of wisdom on the cultural significance of these, but all in all, it was still a neat trip. Here's some of the pics, though you'll probably need to enlarge them to make out the shields.

Antiques and Old Stuff

So, it rained/was overcast for the past two weeks (yet Seattle's gone 29 days w/out rain, go figure!) and I haven't done much outside besides watch the weeds grow. This will be part of this weeks project. Anyway, we got some things done inside. Here's a neat high chair we retrieved from the attic. One of the museum volunteers has said he'd help me with tips for cleaning up the wood etc.

So, the high chair then converts to a "toddler desk"/stroller or mobile desk . . . or something : ) Anyway, it's a pretty neat piece that I will likely try and use. Oh yeah, and check out the gorgeous baby afghan on the back of the glider that a friend made for me. It's SUPER soft!

This weekend we hit up a "semi-formal optional" evening antique auction out of curiosity. It ended up being a lot of fun, and we bid on and won a dry sink, as well as winning the door prize of a 2 gallon Red Wing Crock (for full disclosure, we have a bunch of these crocks on the property including a crazy large 30 gallon, but another one never hurts . . . especially at the prices collectors will pay for them!) Oh yeah, we also got the table decoration . . . an "antique" bottle wrapped in vintage barbed wire : ) Anyway, I got the dry sink to convert to a changing table, which turned out like this:

I had to modify the changing pad a bit to get it to fit, but it turned out well. Now what to do with the 3 antique dressers in the room/giant closet. Once I get this dilemma solved, I might share pics of the rest of the nursery.

Anyway, the other cool piece I'm working on (well, taking a break from) is a "vintage" early 1980's cradle my dad made when I was a baby. It's really, really nice but it was put away without the proper hardware. I *thought* I had the right screw, and well, got it stuck and long story short, I can't put the cradle together. Dad has lovingly talked me through some options to fix this mistake and I've lovingly decided to let him help me fix it when he comes to visit instead of potentially ruining it further.

Monday, June 8, 2009

We have greenery

Here's the update of all the excitement around the property. First, things I want to grow that are actually growing! Here's my squash (and apparently casa de baby Watson that made it into the picture as it's constantly in the way!)

Here are my bean plants.
Here are my rows of corn. Next project, learn to distinguish the pasture grass from the rows of corn in my weeding ; ) Behind it is the peony I left in place, some weeds and eventually my radishes and carrots that haven't made an appearance yet.

Now, for my Weed or Worth-it? section. Here are things I left in place, but haven't determined if they're weeds or not. First, I know the plant on the left is part of my very healthy butterfly bush, but I'm stumped on the right.

Another mystery.
A pretty mystery that is most likely a weed, but I'm still waiting for 100% confirmation before I tackle pulling all of them.
I recognize this, so I'm pretty certain it's not a weed . . . but we'll see!

Now for another game . . . where is my rhubarb?!?!?! When we had family over for Memorial Day, my aunt had to point it out for me because gee . . . I somehow walked right past it!

Anyway, once I found it here's a small harvest from today. I made Rhubarb Coffee Cake the other day and had grand plans to make a Rhubarb-Raspberry Coffee cake today. Well, the super cheap raspberries we picked up on Friday had already gone bad today, so I made yet another Rhubarb Coffee cake.
This fall I'll be moving the rhubarb, but until then, weed/grass management on the top of the property is my next project.

In Honor of a Great Man

Last weekend, my uncle (okay, for those of you into technicalities, my great-uncle) Jerry passed away. The very well written obituary is available online here.

Though the Jerry in that picture is the one I remember best, I love some of these old pictures I've found in grandma's collection. Jerry's kids and nieces and nephews have fabulous stories and memories of him and the early days of the farm.

Here are all the Majdic kids. From left to right in the back there's Joe "Buddy", Jennie, Julius "Joe", Jerry, Johnny and Jack and Grandpa and Grandma in the front. As the priest put it at Jerry's funeral, Jerry was the last of a great generation. As a Majdic this is especially true, but he is also one of the last of the generation of WWII vets and Hudson ranchers.
Here are Jerry and Johnny branding. They ran the Majdic farm for many years.
Here's a great one of uncle Jerry.
Here's my grandpa Vince, grandma Jennie and Jerry taken most likely in Chicago.
Anyway, I always think that one of the greatest testaments to how well someone lived their life is the generation they left behind. Much like Jennie, Jerry left behind children for whom he felt an overwhelming amount of pride, and rightfully so.

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