Monday, June 22, 2009

Dogs on Patrol

Another big accomplishment for the month has been Sky and June's training on the wireless fencing system. Now we can let them outside without supervision and don't need to worry about them chasing coyotes, getting sprayed by skunks, getting hit on the highway or shot by local ranchers. Yay!

Anyway, aside from oh, finally being responsible pet owners, this will hopefully help in operation "please don't resent baby Watson." Now, I've been able to start "ignoring" them more and just letting them be outside dogs for stretches at a time. They're quite funny as they spend most of their day like this on top the cellar:
June keeps vigil up toward the hills and Sky keeps his eyes on the truck (a favorite spot of the outdoor cats) and the highway. They don't run around a whole lot on their own (we still go out and play fetch etc for exercise) but they also don't nap outside, so they pretty much crash when they come inside. June also really likes our tall patio chairs so she can get a better look at everything. Life must be tough with short stumpy legs and fields of grass twice your height:

Here's a silly video I took of Sky with a new favorite toy grandma found him at the Thrift Store. It may be the only toy he has that he will entertain himself with . . . though he does prefer if you'll toss it for him of course!

Other projects for the past few weeks have been homemade bread (in grandma's bread maker). The cinnamon raisin turned out really well:
We also had baked brie with rhubarb the other day that was pretty awesome as well as a few failed baking attempts that I'd like to blame on "pregnancy brain" because really, how does a rational person accidentally add one extra stick of butter to a cake.

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