Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Pictures of the newest Watson

Matthew gets to leave the nursery and come back to our room. No more space chimp oxygen helmet and just one annoying sensor.

Grandma Pozun meets Matthew

Grandpa Pozun gets to hold Matthew.

Heather and Matthew were released about noon on Thursday from the hospital and came home to meet his four-legged brothers and sisters. Sky and June are not overly impressed since the baby can't be thrown and has yet to throw toys for them. I'm sure Matthew'll grow on them over time.

Iris meets Matthew for the first time.

Olivia investigates Matthew.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Matthew Edward Watson baby pictures

This is pretty rough, since I'm only temporarily home before I head back to the hospital. Besides, Heather is the master writer and editor. :-)

Matthew Edward Watson (MEW to his dad) was born on Tuesday, July 28, 2009, 1:52pm, Mountain Time. He weighed 8 lbs., 7 oz., and was 20.75 inches long.

Heather and baby:

Dad and baby (awake):

Dad and baby (asleep):

Sweet baby face:

A couple pictures of baby holding onto Dad's finger:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Waiting and the new rug

So, today was my due date which for the most part passed peacefully and without excitement. We'll see how much longer Baby Watson wants to hang out . . . but in the meantime, we're all just waiting and well, I may as well play with my new camera and photograph the pets : ) Mom got us a new rug at the art show today (it's really cool and made from "upcycled" upholstery mill scraps) and Iris has fallen in love. She has been on the rug for ever since we put it down on the floor:

Olivia came to investigate but was quite leery of the rug:

Iris gives Olivia the warning that this is in fact her territory

Then Iris peacefully returned to her total domination of the rug

C'mon baby Watson, the sooner you get here the sooner you can enjoy your 4-legged brothers and sisters! Iris did incredibly well with a baby the other day . . . she'll let you pet her and gently tug on her hair I promise!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pics from a random weekend

Here are our two favorite cats who decided to nap in the crib the other day when we accidentally left the door open : ) They've also oddly figured out how to take the brontosaurus out of the mobile multiple times . . . but seem to leave the other dinos alone.

Here's our new mailbox James installed last week. Mom and Dad sent it to us as an anniversary gift. Sadly, those are probably the most beautiful iris around the property this year, but I still think grandma would have liked it. You can see in the pic what our mailbox looked like before. Anyway, the new mailbox is a Bacova mailbox from good old BAth COunty VirginiA. It's bittersweet to put it up as we start making this property "our own." Sure, it's more convenient when contractors come out to not have to explain to find the Pozun mailbox for the Watson account (or to have people find us in the phone book under H&J Watson instead of Vince Pozun) but it's still difficult on some levels.

Just a friendly pic of our "neighbors" across the road. They're not too bad for neighbors except they get a little loud some nights when the coyotes are around!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Handyman Husband

Just wanted to show off the three new additions to the household . . . our 3 new ceiling fans. James lovingly installed all 3 by himself including installing remotes for all the units (and fixing them when the 6 fan remotes in the house weren't getting along!). Here's the fan in the baby's room in action:
And here's the fan in our bedroom. I was too lazy to go upstairs and take a picture of the fan in James' office, but it looks the same.
Anyway, this has been fabulously exciting as they are much quieter than the window A/C we bought that sounds like a Mack Truck. They've also kept the house mostly under 74 degrees so far and should be using less electricity than the A/C.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I wish I'd found this earlier

So, this is from a site that sells "artwork and nursery decor for serious science nerds". I think every baby needs a prime numbers counting chart or why read Pat the Bunny when you can read "Pat Schrodinger's Kitty".

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boysen Lake

After a long debated "anniversary trip" we had debated too long to get a room in Thermopolis (and I'm wary of going and getting the "pregnant women will boil their babies in hot water looks/comments) so we had a change of plans. First we hit up the Riverton Day in the Park to peruse lots of handcrafted goodies but only managed to leave with sno-cones, kettle corn and the bucking donkey sticker as a gift for my mom. I find it entertaining on a variety of levels for some reason ;) In related, rambling tangent we went to dinner what is likely the hippest restaurant in Lander the other night. They had a print on the wall of the Wyoming bucking bronc. Now, if you ask any of the kind folk of Lander, they'll let you know the "model" for our state logo was local cowboy STUB Farlow. (Here's my favorite take on the controversy from a UW professor.) Anyway, the annoying part of this piece of "modern art" hanging on the wall at the restaurant is that it calls him STUD Farlow. It made me feel very much like an old-timer to be able to point this out (even though I'm not enough of an old-timer to be fully convinced the logo "is" Stub).

Anyway, after the dogs were awfully good with the 100s of people in the park and the other dogs they were rewarded with a dip in Boysen Lake. The lake is incredibly full this year (the bridge actually crosses water instead of pasture). Here's a pic of what I assume is/was a stand of young Aspen that was once on the shore:

Here's the colony of cliff swallows that I had been mistaking for bats until I got out to take a picture and they definitely chirp : )

And here's a video of Sky's favorite activity

And another of Sky's second favorite activity that might be approaching his most favorite.

June enjoying all of Sky's hard work

Baywatch Sky

The inevitable shake

One content and dirty puppy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Explosions

Here are the best of the 4th of July exploding produce videos we took. There's commentary from the peanut gallery on some of the videos. This is yet another reason why Lander is so great . . . any and all fireworks are legal in the city on the 4th. Enjoy!

The first exploding stuffed toy

An exploding stuffed cow

Watermelon explosion - Take 1.

Watermelon - Take 2 (Because if you can't explode it, at least catch it on fire!)

The watermelon gets jazzed up for a few more attempts.

Exploding Lettuce becomes farting lettuce

Tammy examines the unexploded lettuce with disgust, plotting her next steps!

Getting closer to an explosion . . . though this was close enough for June as she ran off as James filmed!

Lettuce Success!

The second head of lettuce gets shredded.

Danny "I'm an Explosives Professional" works on the canteloupe after a few failed attempts.
Our first canteloupe success! (Pardon the camera work as I was dodging molten chunks of canteloupe flying toward my head!)

Second successful canteloupe. I got decent video of the explosion, but after a few false starts (and my still learning about how the camera worked) there's some zoom issues throughout).

Michelle's green pepper and marshmallow extravaganza!

Unfortunately it was too late to get a video, but here's a still image taken during the exploding pineapple. It was awesome!

4th of July

4th of July is an absolute fabulous holiday in Lander and always brings back warm and fuzzy memories from childhood. It has everything a small town celebration could want . . .rodeos, parades and fireworks but more importantly it always emanates that feeling that everyone knows everyone, but not in the gossipy way which is the real break.

Anyway, so here's a slideshow of some of the floats etc. from the parade.

Also I got a new camera because apparently James and I are having an upcoming life-changing event that will cause us to want to take lots of pictures ; ) Anyway, I've been playing around with learning the settings, so an odd increase in my posting will mostly be showing it off. First videos of the pets, then video of exploding produce courtesy of my family.

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