Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Explosions

Here are the best of the 4th of July exploding produce videos we took. There's commentary from the peanut gallery on some of the videos. This is yet another reason why Lander is so great . . . any and all fireworks are legal in the city on the 4th. Enjoy!

The first exploding stuffed toy

An exploding stuffed cow

Watermelon explosion - Take 1.

Watermelon - Take 2 (Because if you can't explode it, at least catch it on fire!)

The watermelon gets jazzed up for a few more attempts.

Exploding Lettuce becomes farting lettuce

Tammy examines the unexploded lettuce with disgust, plotting her next steps!

Getting closer to an explosion . . . though this was close enough for June as she ran off as James filmed!

Lettuce Success!

The second head of lettuce gets shredded.

Danny "I'm an Explosives Professional" works on the canteloupe after a few failed attempts.
Our first canteloupe success! (Pardon the camera work as I was dodging molten chunks of canteloupe flying toward my head!)

Second successful canteloupe. I got decent video of the explosion, but after a few false starts (and my still learning about how the camera worked) there's some zoom issues throughout).

Michelle's green pepper and marshmallow extravaganza!

Unfortunately it was too late to get a video, but here's a still image taken during the exploding pineapple. It was awesome!

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