Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boysen Lake

After a long debated "anniversary trip" we had debated too long to get a room in Thermopolis (and I'm wary of going and getting the "pregnant women will boil their babies in hot water looks/comments) so we had a change of plans. First we hit up the Riverton Day in the Park to peruse lots of handcrafted goodies but only managed to leave with sno-cones, kettle corn and the bucking donkey sticker as a gift for my mom. I find it entertaining on a variety of levels for some reason ;) In related, rambling tangent we went to dinner what is likely the hippest restaurant in Lander the other night. They had a print on the wall of the Wyoming bucking bronc. Now, if you ask any of the kind folk of Lander, they'll let you know the "model" for our state logo was local cowboy STUB Farlow. (Here's my favorite take on the controversy from a UW professor.) Anyway, the annoying part of this piece of "modern art" hanging on the wall at the restaurant is that it calls him STUD Farlow. It made me feel very much like an old-timer to be able to point this out (even though I'm not enough of an old-timer to be fully convinced the logo "is" Stub).

Anyway, after the dogs were awfully good with the 100s of people in the park and the other dogs they were rewarded with a dip in Boysen Lake. The lake is incredibly full this year (the bridge actually crosses water instead of pasture). Here's a pic of what I assume is/was a stand of young Aspen that was once on the shore:

Here's the colony of cliff swallows that I had been mistaking for bats until I got out to take a picture and they definitely chirp : )

And here's a video of Sky's favorite activity

And another of Sky's second favorite activity that might be approaching his most favorite.

June enjoying all of Sky's hard work

Baywatch Sky

The inevitable shake

One content and dirty puppy!

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