Monday, July 20, 2009

Pics from a random weekend

Here are our two favorite cats who decided to nap in the crib the other day when we accidentally left the door open : ) They've also oddly figured out how to take the brontosaurus out of the mobile multiple times . . . but seem to leave the other dinos alone.

Here's our new mailbox James installed last week. Mom and Dad sent it to us as an anniversary gift. Sadly, those are probably the most beautiful iris around the property this year, but I still think grandma would have liked it. You can see in the pic what our mailbox looked like before. Anyway, the new mailbox is a Bacova mailbox from good old BAth COunty VirginiA. It's bittersweet to put it up as we start making this property "our own." Sure, it's more convenient when contractors come out to not have to explain to find the Pozun mailbox for the Watson account (or to have people find us in the phone book under H&J Watson instead of Vince Pozun) but it's still difficult on some levels.

Just a friendly pic of our "neighbors" across the road. They're not too bad for neighbors except they get a little loud some nights when the coyotes are around!

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