Saturday, August 1, 2009

Baby's First Outing and a moment in the sun

At 4 days old, I couldn't resist and we took Mr. Matthew on his first outing. His cousin was competing in the Rancher's rodeo, which I've been very excited to see all summer. Here's Matthew ready to go:

The rest of the rodeo was uneventful from Matthew's standpoint. I had him in our Beco and he slept through the whole thing (with a quick break to eat and poop of course). Unfortunately, mom couldn't make it through the whole event (which was a bummer because the event I wanted to see was at the very end), but grandpa Pozun got a good video of Ryan on the bucking bronc. I don't know how the evening turned out, but his team seemed to do well.

Here's some pics of Matt soaking up the sun to help ward off jaundice.

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