Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My aunt sent a pic of James branding the cow (now named "Frank the Flank"), down in the dirt and tied, the good old fashioned way.

An here's Matthew in his way too cute overalls ready to help with branding maybe next year.

Meanwhile, my laptop is being shipped off to have the optical drive repaired so no new pics for about a week. To tide everyone over here's a pic of Matthew and I's boring days now that James went back to work. Laundry time:

Matthew sleeping under the crab apple tree while I hang out laundry.
The woodpecker that decided to hang out above Matthew as we did laundry.
Here are the chunks of tree the woodpecker dropped on Matthew as he slept
And here's Sky as he stood guard for dropped diapers and other trespassers on the property. Sadly he did not see it to be his duty to take care of the woodpecker.

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