Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What we've been doing since I sent my laptop in for repair : )

Well, Matthew's spent another week doing what he does best: eating, sleeping, pooping. He's starting to spend a little longer each day awake, but without real control of his neck, head, and hands he's pretty happy for about 10 mins. then manages to scare himself and decides to go back to the three things he's the best at. Behold the power of modern technology as Matthew Skyped with grandma and grandpa the other night and across 1,800 miles, grandma and grandpa could hear Matt poop. Oh glorious modern technology : ) Anyway, here's the faces Matt likes to make when he's awake:

And here's him actually sleeping in his bassinet:

Amazingly, he sleeps really well at night in his cradle, but during the day he would rather sleep anywhere else . . .like on dad's chest . . .

. . . or on mom's lap . . .

. . . or on a blanket next to mom on the couch.

And here's Sky warning me I'm out of the running for Mother of the Year for letting Matthew sleep on the couch : )

And since our pets are feeling slightly jaded by the newest addition, we got the cats a new laser pointer (tons of fun!) and got a new scratching post (mostly in the hopes Iris would finally use it). Iris likes to use it as a bed, but Olivia is mesmerized by the new catnip:

And since we gave one of our recliner/rockers away to grandma, June and the cats have to fight over the remaining chair. June seems to always win.

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  1. As amazing as modern technology is I am sure your recent skype experience makes you pretty pleased they haven't invented "smellevision" yet.

    Mathew is so adorable, no wonder Sky is so jealous. Give the puppy an extra pat from me.

    Not you


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