Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 months!

Monday Matthew turned 2 months old. Hooray! We celebrated by Matthew taking a nice long nap with mommy. Anyway, Matthew went on his first hike up Sinks Canyon this week as well as a bunch of other fun things I was too lazy to take pictures of. So, here are the pics/videos we've taken around the house. We've been "working on" more tummy time and time on his back exploring the idea his hands are connected to his body. It's very exciting. We also picked up two big, bright gaudy baby gadgets to further the invasion on the house. I must admit that Fisher Price knows what they're doing but I picked up our gaudy activity mat because it was cheap and the thing is like crack for babies. For whatever reason he can lay under it content for quite some time. Go figure. Anyway, here's some cute pics we took hanging out in the pillow I swore I never wanted. It's kinda useless for breastfeeding but it is great for tummy time and taking pictures : )

Someone likes tickles from Daddy!

Sky supervises time on the activity mat:

And here's some super head lifting:
*And I have to say, our pedi was right in saying that Matthew has a perfect shaped head. I didn't realize how weird some babies heads are until I saw a few this week*

Here's a nap "solution" we found for the time being. Since Matthew sleeps well at night swaddled (baby straight-jacketed if you will) I thought I'd try it during the day for naps, hoping he'd sleep in the bassinet. After 4 attempts in the bassinet I tried it in the bouncer and presto, he slept like, well, like a baby.

Some evening reading with Daddy. I figure our old magazines have enough black/white contrast instead of buying infant flashcards/board books. Here Matthew was reading up on the Kindle. I'm hoping he's deciding to get one for mommy for Christmas : )

And here's my favorite pic of the week of Matthew and Daddy hanging out in the kitchen
Oh yeah, the other big excitement is Matthew's new vocalizations that aren't strictly cries. So here's some videos of that, plus another minute of baby face and head lifting. Enjoy!
Head lifting:


A minute of just cuteness : )

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Cuteness!

So, Matthew's been sleeping better/more consistently but daytime naps in the crib/bassinet are still elusive to us. Here are Matthew's favorite places to sleep:
1. On Mom or Dad

2. On Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents
3. On a random stranger (we haven't tried this one, but I'm pretty certain it would fit here)
4. In his bassinet at night time
5. In the baby carrier strapped to Mom/Dad
6. On Mom and Dad's Bed
7. In the car
8. Awkwardly on the couch
9. In the Bouncer
10. On his new pillow

99. In the crib or bassinet during the day

I'm sure if we had a swing that would rank right up there on the list.

Anyway, here's Matthew getting ready for bed with a story from dad. He also now likes bathtime with Dad too. Maybe we'll take some new bath *cough* blackmail *cough* pictures one of these days.
I think he was highly intrigued by "Alaska's Three Bears" : )

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heads Up!

Here are some pics of tummy time today. They were way too cute!

Here's Matthew learning some poses from his brother.
A very serious face.
Sky keeps an eye on Matthew's flailing feet.
Matthew doesn't quite know what to make of the world at 6" above the floor, but it must be entertaining.
June comes to the party too late as Sky and Matthew are exhausted from all the fun : )

Monday, September 21, 2009

This past weekend Matthew had quite an exciting time exploring Lander. Friday night he went to the One Shot Antelope Hunt, the "Super Bowl of Hunting" or something like that. Anyway, the evening kicks off with a bunch of drunk guys trying to start a fire (yes, that is a line of burning gasoline they tried to use to start it from afar).
It is then followed by a unique retelling of white/Shoshone history and a "naming ceremony" in which the hunters are given "Indian" names and then the bullets for the hunt are blessed. Then the Shoshone lead a dance in which the white business men/politicians etc. dance awkwardly around the fire.

I wish I could find a good link online that explains this tradition because I'm certain it doesn't make sense to anyone outside Fremont County and well, I'm too lazy to get into the details. Maybe later I'll share more about this unique tradition later. More importantly, here's some cute pics of Matt (unfortunately the combination of the street light, bonfire and darkness did not net many good pics):

On Sunday, Matthew got his fair share of oohs and awws as we joined Grandma and the Historical Society for a tour of the Noble Hotel/NOLS building. Here's the refinished stained glass ceiling in the lobby.
And here's the cats being super cute : )

And last but not least a quick video of Matthew chilling out in the morning and exploring the reach of his arms

Thursday, September 17, 2009


So Matthew is now smiling on a more consistent basis and it is possibly the best thing ever (well, except for his new trend of sleeping for 6-7 hrs in a row). To Matthew, however, the best thing is gnawing on his newly discovered, almost controllable fists during tummy time:

Anyway, here are a bunch of pics from us hanging out at the house:

It's been a big week. Mommy left Matthew twice! Once to go run a favor for her aunt (though really I think it was all a big ruse for her to get to keep Matthew for a bit) and once leaving Matt with daddy to go hear Margaret Coel speak. He's in great hands but it's still difficult :(
Anyway, here's another minute of baby face for grandmas and grandpas. Most of the sounds are background noises but Matthew lets out a few good noises in between:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Go Pokes!

Matthew had a very busy weekend of firsts as we took him to his first football game in Laramie.  Here he is all dressed up in his sweatsuit ready to go!
(Apparently he had just one expression while I was taking photos on Saturday.)  Anyway, the game was good through the first half (sound familiar) and Wyoming held their own against #2 UT.   Here's a pic when Matt was nice and awake, the sun was out and UW scored their touchdown!
And here's Matthew hanging out with daddy.
And thanks to Brea and Facebook here's a pic of James, Matthew and I toward the end of the game when the sun was definitely not out.  Matthew was probably the warmest person at the game tucked into his carrier in the jacket.  He may have napped better in War Memorial Stadium on Saturday than he ever has at home.
Afterwards, we headed down to Cheyenne to stay with our friends Jolea and Jess in their awesome house in Cheyenne.  Matthew spent his first night away from home and did really well.  The next day we went to an antiques show fundraiser that Jess's mom was volunteering at.  It was pretty cool.  Then Matthew met his cousins Lanny, Delene and Josh and took his first trip to Sam's Club.  Then it was back in the car where amazingly he slept until right outside Rawlins (our halfway/dinner stop).  He then slept all the way back to Hudson.  All in all it was a good weekend and though UW lost, I'm positive it was a better game to be at than the UVA game. 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Giant Baby!

So, Matthew had his 6 week checkup and shots yesterday.  We also finally got him weighed and he's a whopping 12 lbs 13 oz and now 23 inches.  His head size and weight are in the 90th-percentile and his length is in the 75th.  Here's a pic of our big buddy:
And here's a smiling pic : ) 

Also, here's a pic of Matt hanging out with the cats:
And the exhausted kitties after "playing" with Matthew:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Silly Virus

Since I came down with some sort of crappy virus on Thursday our long weekend was a little more homebody-ish than we had planned.  I think James was secretly ecstatic as it gave us an excuse to have our own little Bones and Criminal Minds marathon (which is easier said than done when you don't get TNT, A&E, etc. on a long weekend!)   Speaking of weekends, Brea posted some pics she took from last weekend on her blog. 

Anyway, we snuck out on Saturday to hit the 100th anniversary of Hudson celebration.  I figure it only comes around. . . well, you get the idea.   So, we had a nice visit with many of Grandma and Papa's old friends, had some delicious roast pork and lamb, checked out the "self-guided" tour of Hudson (aka driving out into the desert where the mines used to be) and well, Polka-ed with the One Man Polka Band. He played Chicken Dance and some Slovenian Polka which all the old-timers knew the words to, twice.  I am slightly abhorred that someone has give then Chicken Dance lyrics and there is an entire upcoming generation that might believe the lyrics are "I don't wanna be a chicken, I don't wanna be a duck so I shake (or shave if you believe Yahoo answers) my butt."
Here's Matthew enjoying the music in his Saturday going-out overalls.
And here's James and Matthew dancing in the Moby.
James and I were able to Polka with Matthew in the middle.  It was a ton of fun but the little old ladies were a little jealous we didn't just hand him over while we danced : )  Here's some more pics of Matthew "playing with the pets".  Matthew checks out Iris (while in his super-cute farm outfit from Aunt Sharon!):
Matthew helps me give Sky a pet:
And June tries to give Matthew kisses:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Smiles and Faces

So Matthew has started to smile at us even when he's NOT pooping. Hooray! However, he really only does it after we give him kisses so getting a picture unassisted was quite an event. Step 1. lean over and kiss baby. Step 2. quickly lean back (without dropping baby) with camera. Step. 3 Repeat because you took a picture of your own knee. Step 4. Repeat because he stopped smiling. Step 5. Drop camera as not to drop thrashing baby. Step 6. Repeat because you accidentally turned camera off. . . etc. Here's two somewhat decent ones.

And here's a slideshow/Picasa album of all the non-smiling but cute pics we got in the meantime : )

Also, Matthew's been working on the computer just like daddy to send grandma and grandpa birthday/anniversary wishes!

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