Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 months!

Monday Matthew turned 2 months old. Hooray! We celebrated by Matthew taking a nice long nap with mommy. Anyway, Matthew went on his first hike up Sinks Canyon this week as well as a bunch of other fun things I was too lazy to take pictures of. So, here are the pics/videos we've taken around the house. We've been "working on" more tummy time and time on his back exploring the idea his hands are connected to his body. It's very exciting. We also picked up two big, bright gaudy baby gadgets to further the invasion on the house. I must admit that Fisher Price knows what they're doing but I picked up our gaudy activity mat because it was cheap and the thing is like crack for babies. For whatever reason he can lay under it content for quite some time. Go figure. Anyway, here's some cute pics we took hanging out in the pillow I swore I never wanted. It's kinda useless for breastfeeding but it is great for tummy time and taking pictures : )

Someone likes tickles from Daddy!

Sky supervises time on the activity mat:

And here's some super head lifting:
*And I have to say, our pedi was right in saying that Matthew has a perfect shaped head. I didn't realize how weird some babies heads are until I saw a few this week*

Here's a nap "solution" we found for the time being. Since Matthew sleeps well at night swaddled (baby straight-jacketed if you will) I thought I'd try it during the day for naps, hoping he'd sleep in the bassinet. After 4 attempts in the bassinet I tried it in the bouncer and presto, he slept like, well, like a baby.

Some evening reading with Daddy. I figure our old magazines have enough black/white contrast instead of buying infant flashcards/board books. Here Matthew was reading up on the Kindle. I'm hoping he's deciding to get one for mommy for Christmas : )

And here's my favorite pic of the week of Matthew and Daddy hanging out in the kitchen
Oh yeah, the other big excitement is Matthew's new vocalizations that aren't strictly cries. So here's some videos of that, plus another minute of baby face and head lifting. Enjoy!
Head lifting:


A minute of just cuteness : )

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