Monday, September 14, 2009

Go Pokes!

Matthew had a very busy weekend of firsts as we took him to his first football game in Laramie.  Here he is all dressed up in his sweatsuit ready to go!
(Apparently he had just one expression while I was taking photos on Saturday.)  Anyway, the game was good through the first half (sound familiar) and Wyoming held their own against #2 UT.   Here's a pic when Matt was nice and awake, the sun was out and UW scored their touchdown!
And here's Matthew hanging out with daddy.
And thanks to Brea and Facebook here's a pic of James, Matthew and I toward the end of the game when the sun was definitely not out.  Matthew was probably the warmest person at the game tucked into his carrier in the jacket.  He may have napped better in War Memorial Stadium on Saturday than he ever has at home.
Afterwards, we headed down to Cheyenne to stay with our friends Jolea and Jess in their awesome house in Cheyenne.  Matthew spent his first night away from home and did really well.  The next day we went to an antiques show fundraiser that Jess's mom was volunteering at.  It was pretty cool.  Then Matthew met his cousins Lanny, Delene and Josh and took his first trip to Sam's Club.  Then it was back in the car where amazingly he slept until right outside Rawlins (our halfway/dinner stop).  He then slept all the way back to Hudson.  All in all it was a good weekend and though UW lost, I'm positive it was a better game to be at than the UVA game. 

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  1. Hook 'em Horns! Glad ya'll could come see my beloved Longhorns :)


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