Thursday, September 17, 2009


So Matthew is now smiling on a more consistent basis and it is possibly the best thing ever (well, except for his new trend of sleeping for 6-7 hrs in a row). To Matthew, however, the best thing is gnawing on his newly discovered, almost controllable fists during tummy time:

Anyway, here are a bunch of pics from us hanging out at the house:

It's been a big week. Mommy left Matthew twice! Once to go run a favor for her aunt (though really I think it was all a big ruse for her to get to keep Matthew for a bit) and once leaving Matt with daddy to go hear Margaret Coel speak. He's in great hands but it's still difficult :(
Anyway, here's another minute of baby face for grandmas and grandpas. Most of the sounds are background noises but Matthew lets out a few good noises in between:

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