Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Smiles and Faces

So Matthew has started to smile at us even when he's NOT pooping. Hooray! However, he really only does it after we give him kisses so getting a picture unassisted was quite an event. Step 1. lean over and kiss baby. Step 2. quickly lean back (without dropping baby) with camera. Step. 3 Repeat because you took a picture of your own knee. Step 4. Repeat because he stopped smiling. Step 5. Drop camera as not to drop thrashing baby. Step 6. Repeat because you accidentally turned camera off. . . etc. Here's two somewhat decent ones.

And here's a slideshow/Picasa album of all the non-smiling but cute pics we got in the meantime : )

Also, Matthew's been working on the computer just like daddy to send grandma and grandpa birthday/anniversary wishes!

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