Monday, September 21, 2009

This past weekend Matthew had quite an exciting time exploring Lander. Friday night he went to the One Shot Antelope Hunt, the "Super Bowl of Hunting" or something like that. Anyway, the evening kicks off with a bunch of drunk guys trying to start a fire (yes, that is a line of burning gasoline they tried to use to start it from afar).
It is then followed by a unique retelling of white/Shoshone history and a "naming ceremony" in which the hunters are given "Indian" names and then the bullets for the hunt are blessed. Then the Shoshone lead a dance in which the white business men/politicians etc. dance awkwardly around the fire.

I wish I could find a good link online that explains this tradition because I'm certain it doesn't make sense to anyone outside Fremont County and well, I'm too lazy to get into the details. Maybe later I'll share more about this unique tradition later. More importantly, here's some cute pics of Matt (unfortunately the combination of the street light, bonfire and darkness did not net many good pics):

On Sunday, Matthew got his fair share of oohs and awws as we joined Grandma and the Historical Society for a tour of the Noble Hotel/NOLS building. Here's the refinished stained glass ceiling in the lobby.
And here's the cats being super cute : )

And last but not least a quick video of Matthew chilling out in the morning and exploring the reach of his arms

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