Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monkeying Around

Uncle Matt sent lil' Matt a Woot surprise. They're about the same size!

A little sibling rivalry, vying for the spotlight. Matthew's definitely not ready to share:

Big orangutan hugs:

Matt warned me that the toy was "approved" for 3 years old +. I didn't understand how/why a stuffed animal had an age rating until I had to pick Orangutan fur out of Matt's mouth and off his drooly face!

And little did he know, Uncle Matt sent a present for the kitties too!

Matthew sitting up like a big boy!

And yet another video of Matthew chatting with his stuffed animal. He's a smooth talker as he always ends up giving kisses in the end:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

Matthew turns 3 months old today. He's celebrating by taking the longest nap he's taken in probably 2 months right now. Hooray! Yesterday's nap however, was not so good and I resorted to desperate measures so he'd take his bedtime-meltdown-prevention nap:

Matthew also spent the day hanging out in his dino romper on his changing mat which is finally in his nursery:

He also had a nice long chat with his stuffed pig before smothering him in kisses:

Then last night, James and I carved our jack o'lanterns:

But we knew we already had the cutest jack o'lantern of all:

A very serious round of holding our head up:Putting weight on his legs:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Matthew and I spent the week at home, with only small excursions in the stroller. Matthew's new nap routine includes napping during Babies and Books, and the Thrift Store so we've been rather homebound. Anyway, here's the cuteness. June loves giving Matthew kisses:
The kitties only like to give each other kisses. They don't so much maintain a whole ton of interest in giving Matthew kisses.
Sky also isn't in to giving kisses and is a little less into Matthew than June. He does however, like Matthew's toys: And here's Matthew stretching out:

And all dressed up in his new hat and ready to go for a walk:
"Mom, what are these weird things on my hands?"
Yeah, that's right, I'm not going to smile, I'm still working on my outdoors face.
Taking the kids out for a walk/nap in the hills:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mohammed and the Mountain

In light of our inability to get a decent fall pic outside, I had a brainstorm while changing Matt into his orange diaper this morning and I brought the pumpkins inside. The result, much cuter pictures and a little mud on the couch!

Here's the scrapbook page I made (yes, I'm having way too much fun with this!)
Also, here are some other winning shots of the morning, including a short video of Matthew rolling over and a picture of his hair now that it's growing back. Also, note the warning tag on his playmat. Yes, a quilted piece of fabric requires a warning nowadays:

Fail Blog!

Though Matthew is adorable even when he's not smiling, fall pics have been pretty much a failure. However, the most current failure of the weekend is the fact that it is 5AM, Matthew is sound asleep, yet for no apparent reason I am wide awake. Apparently, Matthew makes the about the same face every time we're outside. It rarely includes a smile:
However, we got did get a few cute pics. I've also completely fallen in love with digital scrapbooking, so I'll share some like that. In less time than I've spent thinking about paper scrapbooking in the past few years, I finished 15 pages for Matthew's scrapbook. Now just to get them printed:

He was all smiles inside though, so here's some of our adorable pumpkin and some of him as our little snuggle bear. He had quite the weekend!

Saturday we hit up storytime, then the Harvest dinner at church, a Halloween party and then a quilt show. The ladies at church were thrilled when James was carrying him around instead of him being in the wrap because they could finally see him and touch his little hands. Our little pumpkin was quite the popular guy! On Sunday we headed out to the pumpkin patch where I again failed to get any good pictures, but we picked up our pumpkins to carve next weekend :)

And so June might stop making this face at us, here's another picture of her.

Apparently life is tough as a little dog, so she's taken to sitting on our patio table instead of chairs now for a better vantage point. There were also footprints in the snow up along the cellar entrance. I'm guessing those were hers too. She takes her job of patrolling for wayward cats very seriously.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Merrily we Roll Along

This week has been a big week for little Matt. We had created ourselves a little problem with Matthew's sleeping arrangement. I wanted to start weaning him from the superswaddle at night, but when he's unswaddled he's too big for his bassinet and gets his arms stuck in the side. SO, we move him to the crib in the nursery AND are working on sleeping unswaddled. At night it's working really well . . . decent daytime naps are still a mystery. However, I'm working really hard on a nap routine so all napping is now done in the crib when we're at home. No more napping baby pictures for a while. However, when we're out a nap in his carriers works just fine. In fact, he took a nice nap during grandma's church circle this week : )

Also, he's figured out how to roll over. Technically he started this about 3-4 weeks ago but we haven't been able to catch it on camera. Here he is before bathtime enjoying some naked time.
And here he is mid-rollover. I stupidly hit the picture button instead of video on the camera but you get the idea.
And here's proof that he doesn't hate baths anymore. In fact, he seems to enjoy them and is working on becoming the next Michael Phelps
All cozy

Just cuteness:
Sky enjoying his new toy from Grandma
Here's a favorite pic from our failed Fall photo shoot : ) June sure does love her Matthew!
Meanwhile in the rest of the pics Matthew is making his overwhelmed face and the lighting was bad. We'll try again later.
Also in exciting news, Matthew has started holding his own rattle (please excuse the unmade bed in the background)

Friday, October 9, 2009


Here are some pics from Matthew's first Oktoberfest. It was an evening of good times with good friends! Matthew spent most of it doing the usual:
Eating . . .

Sleeping . . .
Entertaining the masses . . .

Oh yeah, and doing some Polka with dad : )

And since it's snowing again here today, Matthew spent the day in jammies, but had a lot to tell Dad when he got off work (apparently the camera didn't auto-focus real well for this video):

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Snow Aftermath!

Our little snowstorm last week netted us 12" of super wet heavy snow which fell on trees that still had mostly green leaves. This left us with quite the tree devastation and 2 days worth of a blocked driveway. It will also give us a fun project to take care of as soon as the fields are dry and/or frozen enough to drive the truck on.

And here's a pic I took while trying to take a picture of the sunset and snow covered mountains but was too late to really get the mountains.

Meanwhile, in all this cold weather Matthew has taken to his blankies quite readily. In fact, I'm already getting the feeling that this might be the blankie we have to argue about when he heads off to kindergarten. At least this week it's been magic. I put it on him and he smiles and then many times will fall asleep!
Here's Matthew, later in the day, happy about his blankie and our upcoming trip into town to run errands.

Now, as all moms know, having a baby means that somehow other people around you lose their sense of personal space and most of the time this is okay because you understand how irresistably precious your child is. On this particular trip, a woman saw I had an orange outfit in my cart and after getting way too close to me and Matthew who was in his wrap, proceeds to grab the outfit out of my cart and ask what Matthew's going to be for Halloween. To her dismay the orange outfit was not his costume, but in fact just a sale onesie. I think next time I'm at Wal-Mart I'll go up to a random stranger, grab food out of their cart and ask what they'll have for dinner just to double check if this is social acceptable : )

The most unfortunate part of the trip was that I had joked before leaving that I was going to see the live version. Well . . . it was even better than some of the ridiculousness on the website as Wal-Mart was having some sort of KISS promotion and offered free KISS facepainting and had a pretty odd KISS stage set up in electronics. Needless to say I passed on getting Matthew's face painted but saw many odd creatures of Wal-Mart that day.

The skipping of fall and heading directly to winter has left me a little unprepared. For instance, I don't ever know what clothes to put him so that he's not too warm while we run errands and he's snuggled against me and not too cold between the car and the store etc. I don't think I've ruined him yet, but according to every little old lady I know he seems to always be too hot or too cold to them. Generally, if I can get him out the door with clean, dry pants and a shirt and socks I feel pretty darn good : )

However, Safeway and Wal-Mart have some special force field that attracts baby socks throughout the store and we rarely leave with both on. I've been thinking about buying some leather shoes for Matthew to keep his socks on and thus, keep his feet warm (I guess they're the new, hip, developmentally correct shoe for babies. Gosh, if only someone has invented these sooner . . . ) . However, I realized we had been given the perfect set of original leather shoes that stay on his chubby little ankles and keep his feet warm : ) Unfortunately, they are tanned leather and strongly smell like rawhide, which to the pups should be their yummy dog treat so we have to supervise the mocassins closely.

And here's June giving Matthew kisses (only because Sky drove her away from the shoe sniffing position):

And here's Matthew after he's finally made the connection that when he moves his arms he can hit the things on his activity mat.

And this video is mostly for my Dad as proof that June in fact instigates many of the fights with Sky. Matthew (in the background noise) was not impressed with the dogs' antics:

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