Monday, October 19, 2009

Fail Blog!

Though Matthew is adorable even when he's not smiling, fall pics have been pretty much a failure. However, the most current failure of the weekend is the fact that it is 5AM, Matthew is sound asleep, yet for no apparent reason I am wide awake. Apparently, Matthew makes the about the same face every time we're outside. It rarely includes a smile:
However, we got did get a few cute pics. I've also completely fallen in love with digital scrapbooking, so I'll share some like that. In less time than I've spent thinking about paper scrapbooking in the past few years, I finished 15 pages for Matthew's scrapbook. Now just to get them printed:

He was all smiles inside though, so here's some of our adorable pumpkin and some of him as our little snuggle bear. He had quite the weekend!

Saturday we hit up storytime, then the Harvest dinner at church, a Halloween party and then a quilt show. The ladies at church were thrilled when James was carrying him around instead of him being in the wrap because they could finally see him and touch his little hands. Our little pumpkin was quite the popular guy! On Sunday we headed out to the pumpkin patch where I again failed to get any good pictures, but we picked up our pumpkins to carve next weekend :)

And so June might stop making this face at us, here's another picture of her.

Apparently life is tough as a little dog, so she's taken to sitting on our patio table instead of chairs now for a better vantage point. There were also footprints in the snow up along the cellar entrance. I'm guessing those were hers too. She takes her job of patrolling for wayward cats very seriously.

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