Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grandma's House

Matthew is having a fabulous time with grandma and grandpa Pozun. He did fairly well on the plane, though the car ride to Salt Lake was a bit of a different story. He did a really good job of scaring everyone on the plane as he had a meltdown in the line to get on the plane, so everyone on the plane was able to give me the "dear god, please don't let them sit near me" look as I attempted to nurse a screaming baby sitting in one of the wheelchairs at the top of the jetway since we'd already given our tickets. Once we made it to Bath County we've had a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving dinner of deep fried turkey. Matthew got a lot of attention as expected and deserved!

Grandma played with him and his toys on the floor:
And gave lots of kisses:
And read bedtime stories:
And made Matthew smile and giggle lots:
Then he chatted with grandpa:

and shared his dino with grandpa:
Matthew also told uncle Matt some stories:
And showed him how he could stand up tall:
Uncle Matt even tried to share his Thanksgiving feast:
Grandma Dot's house is also a good place to practice sitting up:
What in the world are these things all over grandma's house Mom?
Don't worry Mom, whatever it is I've wrestled it to the ground for you!

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