Wednesday, December 9, 2009

As the temps here have decided to stay below zero, sometimes waaaay below, I guess this little guy thought he'd try and get in and steal our warmth. He should have waited a few days until they install our new windows. However, he did provide a lot of entertainment to the cats : )

Though we woke up to -29F this morning, Matthew and I ventured out when it was a balmy -3F to test out his new snowsuit for all of 2 minutes. He outgrew his 3-6mo. grimace suit, but Wal-Mart had this cute one. Really, I don't think he must ALWAYS be dressed like a bear, but it seems like baby companies have figured out many of us are suckers for outfits with bear ears : ) Anyway, note the outside smile on his face, and more importantly the detritus mixed in with the snow as proof that James and I shoveled our walk!

Matthew is very blessed to have so many great friends and family that have given him some super cute stuff! Here he is hanging out with his elephant from grandma and stuffed elephants (just like grandmas!) from uncle Matt.

He also got a Paddington Bear direct from London and Uncle Ed and Taryn, as well as an all-too-true outfit from Uncle John that says "bearly sleeping". Is Uncle John psychic or was it getting the outfit that was to doom Matt to his week of no-sleep? :)
He also now fits into this super cute outfit from our friends Josh and Laura.

June and Iris are very good at keeping an eye on Matthew for me.
"See Mom, he's happy. You can go now! I'll keep an eye on him"

"Look at my big boy teeth mom!"
"Look at how good I am at brushing them!"
"I'm practicing up for the day you put some food in this spoon! I'm thinking we should start with ice cream!"

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