Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Frosty Fun and Feeding!

First, here are some pictures from our beautiful hoar frost on Saturday (How did I know it was hoar frost - not because I remember much from Envi. Sci but thanks to wikipedia. If only I knew about wikipedia before I gave a ton of money to UVA)

It's not quite 2 feet of snow like some of you enjoyed, or a week in Hawaii like others, but it was a welcome beauty in our neck of the woods. I regret not taking more pictures, especially because it covered the entire area, but in the 20 minutes Matthew naps there are other things that need done . . . like going to the bathroom, drinking my coffee, mindlessly surfing the web etc.

Mom and Dad are here and we're having a great time. Matthew got to open one of his Christmas presents from grandma and grandpa early . . . his new high chair! He's a pretty big fan and the tray gives him a very large surface to gleefully bang his toys against. Oh yeah, and I guess it's handy for feeding too. Matthew tried bananas out today. This is him not so sure about this whole thing:

Him biting off a little more than he can chew (not pictured: mom panicking that her baby's going to choke on a hunk of banana that she stupidly didn't cut small enough because she didn't really think he'd be interested in putting it in his mouth):
Who needs bananas?! I'll just chew on my first Christmas ornament instead.Here's the evening trial. Who needs a bib when bathtime comes next?! So, we've been giving him a spoon to hold during dinner for about the past month to keep him entertained. Either we are the most brilliant people ever or we've created a monster as Matthew would prefer to eat his bananas out of the spoon on his own instead of with his hands or from me.

Here's a video of little man enjoying his banana. In the interest of full disclosure however, he's only slightly more eager chewing on the spoon with the banana than he is with just the clean spoon : )

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  1. BEAUTIFUL...both the frost and the baby :)


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