Monday, December 14, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Getting windows last week was a false alarm (knock on wood, they'll be here tomorrow). In the meantime, I went ahead and set up our Christmas tree and figure the window guys can deal with it since they stood me up . So far, it's still standing, which is a miracle with the precocious Iris in the house. I did, however, anchor it to the piano and wall so that may help. One morning, however, I expect to wake and see both the tree and piano tipped on their sides. Anyway, here's Matthew's tired face. He makes it for approximately 2 minutes before he becomes overtired and hyperactive if we don't get down for a nap at the exact right time.
Family time on the kitchen floor.
One of the benefits of Matthew's first Christmas, is he's young enough to let me take tons of silly pictures without protesting too much. Here's the results of our Christmas photo shoot ; )

So, one of the problems with having a baby with a head circumference that's off the charts is the cute "Baby's First Christmas" santa hats came no where close to fitting him and the only other one they sell here is adult sized. (The other major problem I can see with Matthew's giant head is the giant brain that it holds and the fear that he will be waaaaay smarter than his parents really soon).

Matthew in front of the Christmas tree that is necessarily sparsely decorated on the lower branches.

"What's this thing on my head?"

I think the pets have a secret agreement that if I have the camera out, one of them must try and sneak into every picture.
It's too bad this one is blurry, but Matthew's facial expression is priceless.

Iris sneaks in the picture.
"All I want for Christmas is my two (more) front teeth!"

Olivia takes her shot at stardom.
Just cuteness in a blanket.
Super sneaky santa has his eyes on you!
"Hey Mom. Do I really have a nose like a cherry?"

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