Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We've been enjoying a wonderful holiday with family. With seemingly a digital cameras around, we have lots of pictures to share. I've whittled down the 300+ we have to these : ) So, first Grandma Elsie hosted a wonderful family dinner the other night. James entertained the masses with his David Caruso impression while lil' Matt napped.
Dad would like everyone to believe he spent the evening helping with the dishes as this staged photo shows . . .
but I caught him in his true state:
On Christmas Eve, Ed and Taryn made it safely from London (via VA) with exciting news. Meet our future sister-in-law taking a walk above the property.
The dogs like Taryn too and enjoyed the walk.

June was also very happy to see her best bud.
Matthew spent Christmas Eve waiting for Ed, Taryn and Santa to arrive by eating grandma's sweater
Which later created another sitting FAIL
Christmas morning Iris was ready to open presents
And proof we actually did put ornaments on the tree . . . just not on the lower branches.
The tree however, was not nearly as beautiful as grandma's. I blame the pets.

Christmas Day Matthew tried out sweet potatoes which were received much better than the bananas.

Then it was time to open presents. He started by opening one of his dad's presents

Then he helped grandma open hers by eating the paper

And he loved his book from grandma Pozun. He also loved his gifts from grandma Watson - unfortunately June helped open them before Christmas.
Ed and Taryn and their cowboy coffee
Matthew hanging out with Mom and Dad. It's always nice to have more photographers in the house so we can get pictures of the three of us.

Matthew hanging out with Uncle Ed

Matthew studies his new gift intently
And then decides he'd rather eat more wrapping paper
Then I figured he should eat some real food and Matthew joined us for Christmas dinner

Matthew enjoys his new spoon and bib from Uncle Matt while we Skyped

The day after Christmas we headed to Thermopolis where Matthew went swimming for the first time.

When we got home we washed the sulphur off and he dried off in his new towel from grandma and grandpa Watson.

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