Sunday, December 6, 2009

Though you wouldn't know it from my lack of blogging, the Watsons did in fact survive their trip home from VA and we've lived to tell about it (barely). Unfortunately, I don't have many pics from the second half of our trip (technically I didn't have any from the first half of the trip but stole a bunch from the Pozuns' cameras). However, we had a fabulous time with the Watsons, had wonderful meals with family and friends and overall enjoyed great company. Here are a few of the pics we did get and hopefully other family will share some of the pics they got:

Matt meets Uncle Ed for the first time:

Matthew and Daddy getting ready for Matt's first Tadlock Thanksgiving

The wonderful book Aunt Virginia made for Matthew:

Matthew hangs out in the Tadlock cradle:

More practice sitting up:

A very pretty Mosby:

When we got back we've had a heck of a week. We got home later than I'd have liked from Salt Lake due to a pseudo-blizzard on South Pass. I only say pseudo because in the places it was blowing it wasn't accumulating and vice versa. That meant Wednesday we went to pick up the dogs and cats from the kennel. Sky apparently still hasn't recovered and needed some comforting from Olivia:

Thursday James and I had dental appointments and Friday Matthew had his 4 mo. check up. He weighs 16.5 lbs, is 26 inches long and well, I don't remember his head circumference, but he's in the 97th percentile. I also discovered that Matt most likely has (had? knock on wood) a stomach virus this week. There is a medical limit for what can be considered too many poopy diapers. This also means that Matthew's waking every.single.fricking.hour. is not solely a result of travel recovery and we might consider taking him somewhere again before he's 40. Hooray!

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