Wednesday, January 20, 2010

101 Things Update

So, here's the updated list of progress made on our 101 things. Not bad considering the season. 7 out of 101 done, and many others started. 7.8% of our 1001 days are passed and we've completed 6.9% of our tasks.

1. Go for 1 month without watching any TV/Hulu
2. Publish a version of the Majdic Family History - in progress, more photos scanned, plan devised : )
3. Refinish the bathroom by ourselves - becoming more intimidating each day, as I'll need to work during Matt's naps and well, the bathroom is right next to the nursery. However, I did find this pic which was a nice reminder of how far the bathroom has come already (not from our doing however):

4. Drop one BMI category
5. Sew a baby quilt for Matthew
6. Make a quilt out of our old UVA tshirts
7. Learn how to can using a pressure cooker
8. Crochet or knit a dishrag
9. Renew our passports
10. Visit Ed in London
11. Run a 5K
12. Go to Saratoga for the weekend
13. Go to Cheyenne Frontier Days
14. Learn 15 constellations and their mythologies
15. Take Matthew on an overnight backpacking trip
16. Go camping in Yellowstone
17. Teach Sky a new trick
18. Teach June how to lie down
19. Go see Hands in Harmony perform
20. Go to Devils Tower/Mt. Rushmore
21. Go one week without personal internet (James' work will be allowed :) James didn't join me, but it was a good experience for me. Other difficulties not included in the previous post were how much I rely on the quickness of finding recipes online (especially to use the random ingredients I might have on hand), as well as my dependence on watching the Daily Show while doing dishes. I hate dishes and Jon Stewart makes it a little better.
22. Take a community college course - Signed up for basic car care on 2/18, parenting your parents on 2/25, and raising chickens on 2/24
23. Have a sibling for Matthew
24. Foster an animal
25. Sew new curtains for the kitchen and mud room
26. Call 15 friends just to catch up (1 of 15 done)
27. Send 15 real, handwritten letters to old friends
28. Go on a trail ride
29. Take Matthew to a Water Babies class
30. Pay off or sell our WV land
31. Clean out and paint James' office
32. Set up Matthew's college savings plan - Done 12/25 thanks to Uncle Ed
33. Give up soda for a month
34. Create and follow a back-up plan for our computer - Done 1/16/09
35. Go to church every Sunday for 10 straight weeks.
36. Donate 101 things to the Thrift Store - Done 1/4/09, though we should have set the goal as 1001
37. Give away 20 of our books to friends or family who might enjoy them (1 of 20)
38. Go 1 month without fast food or eating out
39. Go out for dinner and dancing in Hudson
40. Make my own pesto
41. Learn to make a dish I hated when I was a child and try it again
42. Make a potica using grandma's old recipe
43. Eat dinner at the dining room table every night for a week
44. Go fishing in the Wind Rivers
45. Go for a 12 mile+ day hike
46. Have James finish his secret project
47. Take our neighbors baked goods
48. Have 6 friends over for dinner
49. Send 10 gifts to people with enough time to get there before the holiday
50. Finish our 50 states quarters collection for Matthew - Missing 2 states, and Philly minted coins for quite a few of the states (silly double book!). At least by collecting both mints, our next child will have a collection too!
51. Complete the 30 day shred
52. Go to a professional sports game
53. Read 12 books we already own but have never read
54. Visit the Buffalo Bill Historical Center - Done 1/18/09 and it was wonderful
55. Dig for Dinosaurs in Thermopolis
56. Attend a Pow Wow
57. Go to a play
58. Make a will - Simple DIY version done 1/5/09. We'd still like a lawyer drafted version eventually.
59. Officially purchase a house
60. Complete and have printed 30 scrapbook pages for Matthew - Done. You can check them out at
61. Stop using our credit cards for convenience for one month and pay for everything with cash
62. Learn to play one song on the piano that uses 2 hands
63. Find a good non-family babysitter and leave Matthew for an evening
64. Donate blood - Appointment made for 2/3/09
65. Grow out and donate my hair to Locks of Love
66. Chop down our own Christmas Tree instead of buying one
67. Teach a class for the community college
68. Find a tennis partner and play at least 3 times
69. Host a pig roast
70. Learn how to fix fences
71. Join a volunteer organization and participate in an event at least 6 times
72. Create a website for salt & pepper shaker collection
73. Clean out one of the attic spaces
74. Hike to the waterfall in Sinks Canyon State Park
75. Cook a three-course meal
76. Close out James' yahoo account
77. Paint a Bob Ross style painting
78. Purchase another vehicle
79. Paint kitchen table and chairs
80. Remove remaining personal items from parent homes
81. Visit family in Alaska
82. Visit Handcart Museum
83. Go rock hounding
84. Go to the Mustang Challenge
85. Vacation in one of the 4 corners of the US (Estcourt Station, Maine, Key West, Florida, San Diego, California or Seattle, Washington)
86. Secret Challenge
87. Read a book politically/philosophically opposed to own beliefs
88. Maintain a garden for an entire year
89. Register a brand
90. Take a basic plumbing course
91. Take a basic small engine repair/maintenance course
92. Send 25 birthday cards to friends and family
93. Raise chickens
94. Get at least one pet on an "LOL" site - various LOLs have been captioned and submitted, hopefully one will be featured soon!
95. Learn to make a decent loaf of bread from scratch
96. Go hunting
97. Raft through Wind River Canyon
98. Make at least $500 selling things we own
99. Take flowers to the cemetery on a random day
100. Clean out garage so that we can park the car in it
101. Make a new 101 list for the next 1001 days


  1. Hello James and Heather! Nancy McClure, here, from the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. So glad that visiting us was on your list, and happy to read that you had a wonderful time! I see that number 56 on the list is attending a powwow, so I want to invite to ours next summer. The Plains Indian Museum Powwow takes place June 19-20 and is a fantastic event with dancers from across the Northern Plains. We hope you can join us! Check out for some more information.

  2. Thanks Nancy for the information. As we went through the Plains Indian Museum, we had that exact discussion about trying to make it up for the Pow Wow. I've heard nothing but great things about it. However, we definitely enjoyed the peacefulness of Cody in the off-season and we're not sure we're ready to share it with the tourists :)


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