Saturday, January 30, 2010

6 months

Matthew celebrated his 1/2 birthday this week. It's hard to believe that just 6 months, little man has grown from this:

to this dashing young man, riding in style in big boy car seat. I think he had grown out of many of his carseat issues he had over Thanksgiving, but this new seat seems to also help. We've done a lot of driving this week and he has yet to fuss really in it *knock on wood*. I think it helps he can see out the windows and watch the world go by.
He's really taken to sitting up and likes to practice much of the day. On soft carpeted floors, he'll go from sitting to being on his tummy on purpose without a fuss. He has yet to do it at home, but it may have something to do with our crazy hard flooring.
We definitely have a young man in the making as he's quickly discovered the joy of toy cars and trucks and/or anything on wheels. He loves his firetruck from great grandma Elsie!
Much like green beans, smoking is also his preferred way of consuming peas.
He's also decided he likes to chase his meals with a shot of water. Until we got him his own weird cup to drink out of, he liked our little glass bowls. Granted, in this video the bowl is empty because he had just dumped it out : )

We also discovered a less slippery way to explore bananas.

And Matthew decided to show off his mouthful of new teeth for a picture. Though I could feel his lower two teeth for a while, last I checked they were barely there so they may decided to wait for a while. Either way I don't do a whole lot of checking anymore as with the 6 teeth he has, his mouth is now a danger zone!

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