Saturday, January 23, 2010

Around the House

So, in my week without internet I spent a good bit of time tidying up my digital photos. After culling a good portion of the blurry photos and duplicates, I still ended up with 2,423 photos and 216 movies . . . just since little man was born. Yikes! Thank goodness he's so cute! I still have 8,680 photos altogether and some 300 video clips which is slowly becoming a space issue. Oh my was it an interesting project. One of the benefits of marrying my best friend is that I have pictures of him from before we started dating. In fact, some of the first digital pictures I ever took were of James (well, and the rest of my drunken college friends) at the Continental Tire Bowl. Enjoy!

Thank goodness most of the photos from college were still the old paper style, pre-facebook, and many of them died right here on this wall of our shared college house. Not that I ever did anything embarrassing or silly, but I still can't imagine college antics in the super-digital recording age.

Moreover, I had a lot of fun with iPhoto faces. It's continually doing a much better job at facial recognition and makes labeling (and finding) pictures a breeze. My favorite "mistake" it made (besides when it mistakes me for our old roommate's hot wife which is always flattering) was this photo:
It identified two faces, Grandma and well, Colonel Sanders. However, it asked if the Colonel was Uncle Buddy, pictured in the front center below. It made me chuckle, though Uncle Buddy only resembles Colonel Sanders in the way that everyone in thick rimmed glasses (aka my entire family pre-1975) resembles him : )
Anyway, enough nostalgia, my original point was going to be that iPhoto organizes photos by Event, which is actually really great and useful most of the time. However, in the past 6 months, I have event after event titled "Around the House" punctuated by a few other actual events. However, my around the house photos tend to be my favorite photos. So, here's what we were up to 'around the house' this week. Matthew and I decided to make some cookies. Matthew enjoyed licking his (clean) spatula.
And then double checked the bag to make sure all the chocolate chips were put in the cookies (and did I mention the bag also sounds like his favorite crinkle elephant). He also tried to smack me in the face, hence my oh so cute expression, which I have to say, certainly brings out the Podobnik nose.

James came down and caught Matthew and I playing with his toy cow from Grandpa Ron while we waited for the cookies to bake.

Matthew'll have to wait a while for cookies and from the looks of it, he's not to impressed with his other options. I LOVE this picture.
James says it reminds him of Winston Churchill. I'm thinking someone else, a movie character maybe, but the name just hasn't come to me yet. Either way, the expression is priceless. In addition to eating, Matthew's also learning how to clean up himself.

We also practiced playing with a ball we got from Ms. Mary Jane. Sky was incredibly jealous he wasn't allowed to play.
However, he then got to play in all our new snow and I think got over it.
I'm working on a developing theory about feet in the kitchen. Mostly, that I believe there should be fewer than 16 feet in my kitchen at any time. More than that and I tend to get cranky. So, we've been rewarding the dogs for staying out the kitchen during Matthew's floor time. The cats however, are not as easily sent out.

And here's a close encounter with Iris earlier in the day. Matthew goes for the grab:Then Iris goes for the warning tap:
Then Matthew gets an actual grab and Iris settles for watching him from a safe distance out of reach.

Here's Matthew again showing off his teeth. His right eye tooth is through and it looks like his left one may beat his front tooth. Matthew's new "trick" is grinding his teeth and it drives me absolutely bonkers. I'm hoping this is a "wow, this is new" type thing and it'll go away soon. . . real soon.

And last but not least, another gorgeous western sunset from the end of the driveway.

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