Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 5 Monthday!

Matthew turned 5 months this past week. Here he is hanging out with Ed and Taryn
and hanging out with Daddy and Ed.

And just for comparison, here he is at 5 days. *sniff, sniff* Where did my newborn go?Then we went to grandma Elsie's and hung out with grandpa.
And told more stories to great grandma.

Once all our company was gone, Matthew was left wrestling with his blanket for entertainment.
For a while we thought the blanket was in the lead

but little man prevailed.

Kisses from mommy are always nice
as well as reminding her that growing out her hair for locks of love might be a mistake this year

Now that company's gone, Matthew tried to make friends with the cats.

After being petted in the eye, Iris decided she didn't need any new friends
Luckily, Daddy can always make him laugh

Sky is enjoying his Christmas presents
but June is still his favorite toy overall

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