Monday, January 11, 2010


So, the antibiotics/pain meds have done wonders for Matt's ear infection and his cold is clearing up quite nicely. However, we still have teething to contend with, and the race is on. Last week I thought his lower right tooth would be the first to break through, but now I'm betting on his upper left by the weekend. Good times. It's pretty funny because he's been running his tongue along his upper gums this week and many pics have turned out like this:

or this:

We've also been working on sitting:
though smiling at mommy sticking her tongue out is one thing, while sitting and laughing at her funny noises apparently creates a sitting FAIL:

and standing:
and pre-crawling . . . which tonight he tried to stick his butt up in the air which is a good sign, though he's still working on how to do that without driving his face into the ground.
So, if we haven't had the opportunity to visit recently, an important part of Matthew's bedtime routine is his naked, squirming blanket time before his bath. Tonight he had a very bad case of the giggles : ) Anyway, hopefully this cuteness will tide everyone over until next week as starting tomorrow morning sometime, I'll be giving up internet for the week. This will give me time to work on some of the 101 things projects and then I'll post an update when I return. We also got a tripod for the camera, so maybe Matthew and I will have some fun playing with that.

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