Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a Week!

Well, Matthew and I have enjoyed our week away from the internet and learned quite a few things . . . including how integrated it is to our (well, my) life. Some old-timers might laugh, but as I tried to compare with an older friend, it would be like her living without the phone and corresponding only via letter for a month when she was my age. However, that analogy is not quite appropriate, because businesses did not cut staff when the phone came out. While the telephone was quicker, the same person that answered your letter likely answered your questions via phone and it wasn't until much later that the automated telephone answering systems were in vogue. Long story short, the people now who answer phones are practically trained to reroute you to the internet so you can take care of your issue yourself and find it very shocking when you actually demand that they help you via phone (even if it is just for them to look at their own darn website and give you the info). Anyway, here are some other random observations of the week without internet:

Over the week, it took me 2 days to really understand what was going on in Haiti as hearing "there was a 7.0 earthquake in Haiti" is very different than seeing pictures. Once I turned on the news, I then realized how obnoxious our newscasts are and how much advertising and fluff I had to sit through to get the details. It was a very odd feeling to have not been a part of the breaking news as it happened.

I spent 2 days trying to get my automated back-up system to work which was completely obnoxious without the online support forum. A quick googling of my issue would likely have fixed the problem the first time. On this occasion I was being too stubborn to call tech support because, well, I hate calling tech support.

I realized that I've never planned a trip without the internet. I had to get out *gasp* a paper map to figure out how far it was to Cody. I then tried to call our Chamber, to get the Cody Chamber phone # and finally gave up and randomly tried 1800-Holiday to get the Holiday Inn which fortunately had a hotel in Cody : ) Once there I looked up places in the phone book . . . it was crazy!

I did get a few projects completed that I'll post about later, but here are some pics from Matthew and what he was up to this week:

Matthew and I decided to test out his weather shield for the stroller. Matthew was not impressed with my fumbling, but enjoyed the walk.

We also hung out in our lounge pants from Grandma Watson and practiced more sitting
The dogs always provide some nice entertainment

Even when they're trying to steal the limelight
Mom realized Matthew's hair is now long enough he will often wake with bed head:And we explored the inflatable roller Ms. Becky gave us. All the "books" say Matthew should love to be rolled back and forth on it at 5 months. Matthew disagrees but he does like leaning against it and trying to eat the elephant.
And a beautiful sunset over the Wind Rivers.
We tried (and failed) to take a series of new pictures for Daddy's photo frame.
And Matthew decided that at least for this week, Avocado is an acceptable food.

Sweet potatoes (or yams, the jury's still out and Safeway is unhelpful) are now on the maybe list.
And we made significant progress on having a bonafide upper tooth. We also have 5, yes 5, more white bumps under the gums waiting for their big debuts.

Then there was Matthew's first trip to Cody. We drove in Friday night and Matthew slept beautifully during the drive. He woke up in the hotel and then decided that he didn't so much care for sleeping in the hotel room, but we made it through the night. The next day we headed to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center which is one of the classiest places in Wyoming, and a swoon-worthy museum. Though I've never been impressed with their website homepage, their museum is fabulous (as are their online collections . . . but you might not expect it from their homepage).

We started the day at the hotel learning a little about what happens when a bear and buffalo meet. At first the bear is a little hesitant:
But he showed the buffalo who was boss in the end.
Then Matthew compared his paws to that of a grizzly bear.

And he and Daddy checked out the bobcat and its catch.

James also checked out another bear on Cody's main street.
Though Matthew slept through the Buffalo Bill Museum, we did pop back in so he could experience his first saddle. Here he is practicing his bronc rider pose:
And here he is sitting like a handsome young cowboy:
Until he realized how tasty the saddlehorn might be:
Matthew then proceeded to fuss on and off through the Plains Indian Museum, hang out with daddy during the Whitney Art Museum and sleep through the firearms museum. Back at the hotel he enjoyed some new foods for dinner and breakfast, including cucumbers, squash, green beans and his first ribs. He sure did love the cucumbers:

And here he is hanging out in the hotel room while we packed up.

Okay Mom, no more pictures!Well, maybe just one more picture with an old friend . . . but only if she lets me gnaw on her sunglasses.
And last but not least some adorable deer that were hanging out in Cody.


  1. Welcome back. Why did you give him a mohawk?


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