Sunday, February 28, 2010

7 month excitement!

Theoretically I'll post more pictures tomorrow, but for tonight it's time for ice cream and bed. We went to Steamboat Springs to visit Grandpa Ron and had a fabulous time. Mike and Katy, our hosts for the weekend were fabulous as always and took wonderful care of us, yet somehow we're exhausted. Since most of my pictures are on the other camera that needs a charge, I'll share a full update tomorrow. For now I'll share this grainy, poorly lit video of what Matt spent ALL weekend doing. Happy 7 months little man!

*Also, YouTube recommends the videos at the end, not me! Theoretically it does it using some super smart algorithm, but I know when I posted an innocent, patriotic video for the museum website, there were some naughty ones suggested one time. Moral of the story, clicker beware!*

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Week at the Watsons

It's been snowing here for the last 3-4 days. I'd say it snows maybe 20 out of the 24 hours of the day, which sounds like a lot but the accumulation has only been maybe 7-8". It's hard to tell exactly how much we've gotten as we already had snow on the ground and for parts of the day it would be warm enough not to stick to the driveway. Either way, we ran our errands earlier in the week and have been hanging out at home since. Here's Matthew enjoying the snow. We were hoping to make a snow man, but the 2" layer of good snowman snow was surrounded by 4" of ice pellets and powder.
Here I am trying to practice taking one handed pictures. I realized we have very few pics of just my mom and me when I was little so as much as I hate doing it, I figure Matthew may appreciate it one day. I also think we're going to have to switch to a half-bear, half-dog snow outfit as Matthew's head is a little to big for the bear outfit to stay on, but his puppy hat still fits just fine.
Matthew and I have discovered a back carry using our Beco which makes getting things done around the house much easier. He'll even join me for some light step aerobics with the Wii.
Especially on the days he doesn't nap well and needs that cat nap while I make dinner.
So, I was observing Matthew the other day and thought to myself "I bet chasing the cats will be his motivation to learn to crawl." Though he didn't crawl, he definitely got into the position inspired by Iris's tail.

Here's the first grab:
Then his leaning too far to grab for the tail
And with a little help, the flip into the crawl position.

And for those curious, this is why I've decided to let Matthew wear his PJs most of the day. Even after the great sock roundup, we're still missing quite a few.

PJs are also great for keeping his pants from riding up when he's helping me out around the house.

And here's Matthew standing to investigate the camera on the couch.
More playing with the kitties.

Apparently Olivia feels only two can play with the ribbon at one time.

Enjoying his first pork loin.

Speaking of cooking, if death befalls me early, it will likely be because I'm always trying to cook around this calamity in my kitchen. My "16 feet in the kitchen at a time" rule is hard to enforce when everyone's so cute!
Especially these two!

And last but not least, here's a video of Matthew playing in his crib. In the mornings he gets some half naked play time to air out while I put away diapers, start laundry or grab some coffee. . . whichever is deemed as the most important way to start that day. He's quite a fan of his fireman set from grandma Dot.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby Led Weaning (or why we let Matthew eat weird stuff at 6 months)

* I accidentally published some of the videos as private at first, they should be viewable now without needing to friend me. I don't even know what that is on YouTube*

So, I'll admit that at 6 months, we let/encourage little Matt to eat things that are weird to many people. For those curious, we stumbled upon the idea of baby-led weaning and it totally made sense. Here's the wikipedia explanation if you're really curious, or worried Matthew is going to choke or think I'm ruining him or just made this all up because I'm lazy : )

Anyway, I can easily admit we may be doing solids this way because I'm lazy and find spoon feeding babies to be rather tedious and annoying. I'd like to believe that by allowing Matthew to choose his foods it will help with portion control (lord knows his dad and I ate an entire pot of cheese fondue the other day so we're not the best role models), help him make healthier food choices because he's been exposed to so many healthy tastes and textures, help so that he might not go through a super-long toddler "I only eat yellow foods" phase or that he'll develop table manners faster or all the other things to book says.

However, what I really like about it so far is that it's encouraged me to look at James and I's eating habits and prepare healthier meals that we sit down as a family to share. Unless it's super salty or sugary or full of lots of processed ingredients, we give Matthew whatever we're eating, and it's far easier to make one healthy meal than both an unhealthy meal and a healthy one. This means he's had garlic and onions and paprika and cinnamon and so far enjoyed it while James and I have eaten less salt, sugar and unhealthy fats (okay, except for our Valentine's fondue fest). While we eat, Matthew joins us at the table and does his own thing while we enjoy a nice, warm meal at the same time. It is definitely messy (thank goodness for dogs!) but completely worth it so far.

Here's some of the new foods he's tried and liked this week. P.S. If you find baby food pics weird (admittedly, it kinda is) there are cute animal pics at the bottom of the post.

Here he is enjoying some of Grandpa Ron's homemade sausage. Sorry Grandpa Ron, I'd say for now it ranks below steak, but definitely above lamb. At least he definitely picked your sausage over cauliflower :) So far, cauliflower is the only thing he hasn't picked up and at least put in his mouth. I think this makes James very happy.

And here he's having a waffle slice for breakfast.
And some more cucumbers. He loves cucumbers and they're a good go to food to round out a meal.
Here he's enjoying the stewed prunes and apricots from our lamb the other night. He's now figuring out how to use his thumb to get foods from his fist into his mouth.
Enjoying a meatball

Admittedly, this solids thing is always a learning experience. Though I'm impressed, Matthew is still learning how to move food from the back to front and front to back of his mouth. Our biggest problem is we tend to eat before naptime and before the end of the meal Matthew can get frustrated. Here he is trying to work through some carrot that he can't decide if he wants to keep or if it's too big

Grandma Watson sent June this adorable shirt. Luckily it was easy to put on since June is quite possibly the most submissive dog in the world. She may have even been a possum in her former life.

Olivia didn't quite know what to make of it
But I bet next time we get a deep snow, June will appreciate the covering on her belly. Thanks grandma and grandpa!

Laser kitties plotting their attack from the top of our closet

Matthew learning to play with the cats.
Practicing standing holding one hand.

Happy Birthday Uncle Matt!

As a special, umm, treat, today you get two blog posts : ) First off, we wanted to wish Uncle Matt a very, very happy birthday.

Who would have thought this little goober . . .

would have grown into this fine, upstanding, responsible adult? (I know there were many years on East 11th during our neighborly sleepover wars I wouldn't have). Little Matt is very lucky to have such an awesome uncle and I'm pretty lucky to have such an awesome brother . . . if only because he's the only one in the whole world who will ever understand the seemingly tall tales about what vacationing in a VW bus with my parents was like :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Pets are Alright

*Blogger video still continues to suck so I'm trying out hosting some videos on YouTube. Let me know if you have any troubles with them. They'll be a lower quality and odds are they'll need more buffering, but at least they should work *

The Matthew/pet relationships of the house continue to get more interesting as Matthew becomes more interested in them. He's started to squeal when they walk by and reach out for them. Here he is trying to give Iris a full-tissue massage:

And in another installment of noises Matthew makes, here's his screechy-whiny voice:

The other morning while no one on the east coast was working, Matthew had breakfast via Skype with Grandma Dot and Uncle Matt. Though James took this today, his breakfast was quite similar to this:

That evening I received the following email from Grandpa Ron with the subject 'Torture' :I heard you were torturing Matt this morning! Matt and I are searching through the Geneva Convention document since we are sure there is something in there about feeding 6 month olds broccoli for breakfast.

Don't worry, Grandpa, Iris is also apparently concerned about Matthew's breakfast habits as well:

Matthew's also found asparagus to be good for a smoke. Though Matthew seems to have branched out from the Pozun standard vegetables of corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes and cucumbers, he's definitely a meat man. We had both Mongolian and Moroccan Lamb this week. Matthew wasn't a big fan of the Mongolian but loved the Moroccan. We think he's still on the fence about cous cous but certainly had fun with it.

Matthew's also been practicing standing this week all by himself (with a little help from the couch of course). The piping on the edge of the couch must also be very yummy as he's left his mark in quite a few places.

And here he is admiring himself in the mirror.

And just some cuteness:

Last but not least, here he is enjoying his CD player from grandma and grandpa. He's quite creative in figuring out how to press the buttons. Yesterday he would flip it over and press it on the carpet, but today he figured out something different:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Matthew's a Man's Man

Well, I would have never thought that Virginia would be having such snowfall while here, we've had very little. Apparently it's the Wild West Winter Carnival here this week (month? year? the thing seems to go on forever!) On a beautiful sunny snow-free day, we checked out the ice carving this weekend. Since they are kept on the shady side of Main, hopefully we'll be able to go back and check out the finished products.

Dad sent us some pics of their snow and I LOVE this one. My guess is it was taken through the window, but I love the vibrant colors of the birds and the way they stand out (you may have to click to enlarge to get the full effect . . . or maybe I'm crazy). I do miss the birds of Virginia. However, we have a pair of flickers that are nesting in one of our trees and keep me entertained. One of these days I'll get a pic.
Matthew also joined us on our shopping trip this weekend (necessary groceries only thanks to the fast). Here he is sitting up like a big boy in the shopping cart.
In the meantime, Matthew's decided he likes to make noise. From banging things to his shrieking voice, our house is NEVER quiet.

In today's installment of "noises Matthew makes" here's some of the things he likes to bang on the table.

On Sunday, we stayed home for Matthew's first superbowl. Though nothing may beat this football picture for adorableness

I think we got some pretty cute pictures of Matt enjoying some football.
This next one is because James told me we had to take some shirtless because "that's how men watch football." Who am I to argue?

Though Matthew had to go to bed well before the end of the game, Olivia made sure to try and watch as much as possible
In fact, I caught her the next morning giving him the recap.

By that point I think Olivia had enough bonding with Matthew as I think she was plotting her escape, thinking we'd never notice her in the bottom of the stroller.

Okay, so if baby eating pictures gross you out, now's the time to exit the blog :) However, Matthew's been on an eating streak this week. This is in opposition to his lick things and throw them on the floor streak of last week. Here he is enjoying his chili and cornbread.

And here he is enjoying his first steak on James' birthday.
He really went to town. He thought the mashed potatoes were great, but man, did he like the steak.

**Blogger is still working to fix the videos so the odds of them working for you today are still shady at best**

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