Sunday, February 28, 2010

7 month excitement!

Theoretically I'll post more pictures tomorrow, but for tonight it's time for ice cream and bed. We went to Steamboat Springs to visit Grandpa Ron and had a fabulous time. Mike and Katy, our hosts for the weekend were fabulous as always and took wonderful care of us, yet somehow we're exhausted. Since most of my pictures are on the other camera that needs a charge, I'll share a full update tomorrow. For now I'll share this grainy, poorly lit video of what Matt spent ALL weekend doing. Happy 7 months little man!

*Also, YouTube recommends the videos at the end, not me! Theoretically it does it using some super smart algorithm, but I know when I posted an innocent, patriotic video for the museum website, there were some naughty ones suggested one time. Moral of the story, clicker beware!*


  1. Don't you wish you could be that entertained just by making stupid noises? Adorable!

  2. Agreed Abbe! Especially without the help of any alcoholic concoctions.


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