Monday, February 8, 2010

Matthew's a Man's Man

Well, I would have never thought that Virginia would be having such snowfall while here, we've had very little. Apparently it's the Wild West Winter Carnival here this week (month? year? the thing seems to go on forever!) On a beautiful sunny snow-free day, we checked out the ice carving this weekend. Since they are kept on the shady side of Main, hopefully we'll be able to go back and check out the finished products.

Dad sent us some pics of their snow and I LOVE this one. My guess is it was taken through the window, but I love the vibrant colors of the birds and the way they stand out (you may have to click to enlarge to get the full effect . . . or maybe I'm crazy). I do miss the birds of Virginia. However, we have a pair of flickers that are nesting in one of our trees and keep me entertained. One of these days I'll get a pic.
Matthew also joined us on our shopping trip this weekend (necessary groceries only thanks to the fast). Here he is sitting up like a big boy in the shopping cart.
In the meantime, Matthew's decided he likes to make noise. From banging things to his shrieking voice, our house is NEVER quiet.

In today's installment of "noises Matthew makes" here's some of the things he likes to bang on the table.

On Sunday, we stayed home for Matthew's first superbowl. Though nothing may beat this football picture for adorableness

I think we got some pretty cute pictures of Matt enjoying some football.
This next one is because James told me we had to take some shirtless because "that's how men watch football." Who am I to argue?

Though Matthew had to go to bed well before the end of the game, Olivia made sure to try and watch as much as possible
In fact, I caught her the next morning giving him the recap.

By that point I think Olivia had enough bonding with Matthew as I think she was plotting her escape, thinking we'd never notice her in the bottom of the stroller.

Okay, so if baby eating pictures gross you out, now's the time to exit the blog :) However, Matthew's been on an eating streak this week. This is in opposition to his lick things and throw them on the floor streak of last week. Here he is enjoying his chili and cornbread.

And here he is enjoying his first steak on James' birthday.
He really went to town. He thought the mashed potatoes were great, but man, did he like the steak.

**Blogger is still working to fix the videos so the odds of them working for you today are still shady at best**


  1. Love that picture your dad sent! I just don't feel like snow is that pretty in Denver!

  2. Agreed. I think it's our lack of deciduous trees to catch the snow :)


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