Thursday, February 4, 2010

More 101 things

So, here's what we're working on in February for our 101 things. Mostly we decided to do Michelle Singletary's 21 day financial fast, which works well with giving up eating out and stopping use of our credit cards. In the spirit of only buying what we *need* we figured it was a natural time to give up sodas for a while. The 30 day shred is our attempt to get in shape so we might start working toward running outside when the days get longer.
33. Give up soda for a month
38. Go 1 month without fast food or eating out
51. Complete the 30 day shred
61. Stop using our credit cards for convenience for one month and pay for everything with cash
64. Donate blood Done on 2/4/09. After a few attempts at finding his veins, James successfully gave blood for the first time.
99. Take flowers to the cemetery on a random day Done 1/31/09 We saw these flowers (before our financial fast started) at Safeway. As soon as I saw them I thought grandma would enjoy the bright colors. So we took them down to the cemetery the other day. They certainly were a bright addition on a dreary winter day, and papa would have probably have approved since they were real flowers ;)

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