Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Pets are Alright

*Blogger video still continues to suck so I'm trying out hosting some videos on YouTube. Let me know if you have any troubles with them. They'll be a lower quality and odds are they'll need more buffering, but at least they should work *

The Matthew/pet relationships of the house continue to get more interesting as Matthew becomes more interested in them. He's started to squeal when they walk by and reach out for them. Here he is trying to give Iris a full-tissue massage:

And in another installment of noises Matthew makes, here's his screechy-whiny voice:

The other morning while no one on the east coast was working, Matthew had breakfast via Skype with Grandma Dot and Uncle Matt. Though James took this today, his breakfast was quite similar to this:

That evening I received the following email from Grandpa Ron with the subject 'Torture' :I heard you were torturing Matt this morning! Matt and I are searching through the Geneva Convention document since we are sure there is something in there about feeding 6 month olds broccoli for breakfast.

Don't worry, Grandpa, Iris is also apparently concerned about Matthew's breakfast habits as well:

Matthew's also found asparagus to be good for a smoke. Though Matthew seems to have branched out from the Pozun standard vegetables of corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes and cucumbers, he's definitely a meat man. We had both Mongolian and Moroccan Lamb this week. Matthew wasn't a big fan of the Mongolian but loved the Moroccan. We think he's still on the fence about cous cous but certainly had fun with it.

Matthew's also been practicing standing this week all by himself (with a little help from the couch of course). The piping on the edge of the couch must also be very yummy as he's left his mark in quite a few places.

And here he is admiring himself in the mirror.

And just some cuteness:

Last but not least, here he is enjoying his CD player from grandma and grandpa. He's quite creative in figuring out how to press the buttons. Yesterday he would flip it over and press it on the carpet, but today he figured out something different:

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