Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trip to Virginia 1.0

In exciting news, we all lived to tell about our whirlwind trip to Virginia this past weekend. More importantly, we had a wonderful time with family, our flights were mostly uneventful and we made it back with only leaving a likely small trail of Matthew's toys in the airports. The one or two we may have lost weren't his favorites, so we are all good!

I however, am a total freak of nature and tend to take tons of pics at home and rarely remember to take pictures on vacation. Thanks to my parents for passing along the pics they took. Anyway, we headed out east for a wedding where James and I got to get all dressed up (which is comical when your clothes don't fit and you try and shop for replacements between Wal-Mart and KMart). Anyway, we clean up fairly well and spent an evening with the fellow Watson grown-ups at a wonderful wedding.

More importantly, that meant that Matthew spent his first night away from us with Grandma and Grandpa. From the looks of it, he didn't seem to mind.

He even put on quite a show for grandpa with his dinner. I love some of these facial expressions!

The next morning at breakfast, Matthew learned how to pose for the camera from his two uncles.

He also learned how silly Uncle Ed is! (Unfortunately, we took this with my little camera which doesn't have a great mic so you can't hear all the little giggles that go with it.) He really likes it when Taryn does it, but I hadn't gotten the camera out yet.

Over the course of the weekend, we somehow ended up at Tyson's Corner 3 times. On our last visit we decided to test out the stroller instead of letting Matthew ride in the backpack. I've always said that the only time I thought I'd need/want a stroller was in a mall. The stroller is fine, James and I are however, Mall incompatible. I don't know why I thought that if I can barely navigate myself through a crowd I'd be able to do it with a stroller. Oh well, at least Matthew had fun!

I think we have more pics hidden on cameras somewhere, but our unpacking my total exhaustion. All in all, nothing beats time with family and I think Matthew agrees. Just 2.5 weeks until we do this all again!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hello from our 4 hour layover in Denver! Interesting note about the Denver . . . it is oddly devoid of high chairs but at least there's free wi-fi. Matthew's busy pacing himself with yogurt melts on the floor for breakfast. For a boy who will try and eat 3 squash sticks at once, it's a bit of a different experience for him :-)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In the midst of all of this last week:

I had forgotten about one of the best parts of slightly warmer weather........finally being able to put Matthew in just a onesie to show of his adorably chunky baby legs.

Meanwhile, Matthew is helping me pack for our weekend trip to Virginia for cousin Elizabeth's wedding.
"Mom, I've been reading about this sunscreen . . . you were supposed to put it on me BEFORE we went hiking!"

Matthew's also been studying up for meeting all the family members again:

But mostly he likes to gnaw on them!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fun!

Due to inclement weather, further bonfires have been postponed.

However, games of peek-a-boo will go on as scheduled!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bread, Bread and more Bread!

Some time ago, I happened upon the idea of Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. I then went back to making things like banana bread and this fabulous beer bread because I was disappointed that ABin5 actually took more time than 5 mins before throwing it in the oven. I was still intimidated by all the time I needed to budget to allow it to rise. (Alright, I fully admit I probably wouldn't have survived a century ago and my fear of bread making was beyond silly) Anyway, a good friend and really cool librarian posted on facebook that she was giving it a shot. She graciously copied some pages and sent them to me. (As an aside, this is why I love librarians. They are sooo wonderfully helpful and eager to share awesome books.) Now that we have dough in the fridge and I've realized how easy it is, this is going to be deadly for our diet.

The initial rise:
The first loaf of whole wheat dough.

My attempt at white sandwich bread. I'm close, but it's not quite sandwich sized. In the meantime, my sandwich bread attempts may not be the right size, but they are delicious. Technically, I'd say I have also finished #95 on our 101 things list because this bread has been amazing, but I'm going to wait to declare it completed until I can get the sizing right for sandwiches.

There aren't enough words to describe how excited I am about this whole thing. Right now there's a batch of dough in the fridge and I'm debating if it will become bagels, pita bread or dinner rolls for my next experiment. Most importantly, Matthew also approves!

Also, in other culinary news, I made corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's day. I've never really liked it but used this recipe and it turned out rather well. I think rinsing the corned beef may have been key. Matthew also approved of this as well!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Warm weather means it's our chance to put Matthew in all of the warm weather clothes that were way too big when he got them last year. They're now a little small and require some stretch to snap, but oh so cute! Here he is in his very first souvenir purchase from his first trip to Thermopolis! Unfortunately, his little legs have yet to catch up to his need for larger pants in the waist.
Matthew's little bug threw him off for the past two weeks and he pretty much refused all foods. The one food he'd eat (maybe because it was gentle on the throat?) was applesauce. The boy loves his applesauce. Though he's back to eating just about everything again he'll still double-fist some applesauce when he gets the chance.

Yesterday, Matthew, the dogs, and a good friend and I went hiking. We were the only car at the trail head so I let the dogs spend the afternoon off-leash. Matthew and I tested out our new baby backpack and between that, keeping an eye on the dogs and you know, having fabulous conversation with a good enough friend willing or crazy enough to travel with our roving pack, I didn't take many pictures. However, I took enough to prove
A) the day was gorgeous!
B) Sky had a blast exploring the Red Rocks

C) June is very lucky we found each other because she's kinda neurotic :) Most days she'll avoid the snow in the yard at all costs. Yesterday, she'd run ahead and find a small snow patch and lay down and wait for us. Crazy little thing!

D) Matthew pretty much enjoyed his day. His new carrier allows him to see over my shoulder which I think he enjoys, but it's still lacking in a comfortable place for him to lay his head when he falls asleep. All in all, it will work perfectly to navigate the airport, but I'm still on the fence about using it for a ton of hiking. Too bad Matthew refused to look at the camera for me even though he was rocking an adorable mohawk.

However, when we got home he showed off his suncreen-styled hair. Though I got his head, it was too bad mommy missed a bit of his left cheek and nose and now Matthew has his first sunburn :( In other accomplishments, Matthew's starting to clap, kinda. Mostly, he likes to clap with his feet:

Sometimes though, he'll get to clapping with his hands which is great fun:

Once Matthew had gone to bed, we decided it was time to take care of the yard carnage from that heavy October snow storm. Rather than try and track down the mayor of Hudson and make eleventy-bajillion runs to the brush pile, we burned. It was a beautiful night for our own little bonfire. Too bad we had more fire than hours before bedtime. With all the debris around and the severe lack of moisture to promote decomposition, we will likely have 4-5 more bonfires in the near future. I think we ought to stock up on marshmallows and graham crackers!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Quotation Inspiration

In Thoreau's Walden he writes to always"maintain a kind of summer in the midst of winter". Apparently James took this to heart when I asked him to get Matthew dressed on Saturday and he came out wearing this . . .

even though all day Saturday it was doing this!
A big thanks to Uncle Matt for the outfit. It's still a little big so it will hopefully fit our growing monster if/when the weather finally warms up.

Meanwhile, I believe Iris was inspired by the old English quote "In a cat's eye, all things belong to cats."

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Close Enough!

As any wise old-timer will tell you, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. However, it felt close enough to spring today (at a balmy 45 degrees) for me and we enjoyed it! Maybe it was fate, but this LOL arrived in my feed reader this morning.funny graphs and charts

Yesterday, Matthew and I tested out our new jacket. It's fabulous...except I forgot to put Matthew's hat on before we got situated. We didn't stay outside very long.

Today we got everything right, but the camera and Matthew never seemed to be on the same side. However, he had a great time and was snug as a bug.
We hauled limbs, picked up the garden, mixed the compost, played fetch with Sky and did some bird watching.
(I'm pretty impressed with this pic since I was zoomed pretty far and had a wiggle worm on my back!)

I must confess I had a moment of weakness last week. We decided to order 6 more diapers to round out our collection and extend the time needed between washes. I couldn't resist picking up a pink diaper.

"Just kidding mom, it's cool. Real men wear pink!"

Iris apparently disagrees.

Also, I'm going to be messing with the layout of the blog for a while. Sorry for any confusion!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So, after a day of panting and another visit to the doctor, Matthew's diagnosis has been upgraded (or downgraded depending on your POV) from RSV to Bronchiolitis. He was given another type of med to deal with the wheezing/panting but the rest of the course of treatment is the same and we're just waiting it out.

In the meantime, the boy is cranky and miserable, and rightfully so. He sounds awful. So, when I was little, sick days meant Campbell's Chicken Noodle, Sprite, saltines and most importantly we got to hang out in mom and dad's bed and watch TV. Since Matthew's too young for any of those sick day delights, the go-to winner to ward off crankiness is . . . raspberries/farting noises. Aside from nebulizing, medicines and nap attempts, this is a sick day necessity for a semi-happy baby.

From earlier today (and yes, that smudge on my lense is likely raspberry spittle. Joy):

And from this evening:

Here's my attempt at getting a pic of Matthew's new tooth. Apparently he has no time to take a break from raspberries.

So, if you call the house and I answer with a hearty "Phfbbbbtttttttttttttt", please call the looney bin for me and tell them I'm on my way : )

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Daddy's Weekend

It's official that both Matthew and I are/were sick as dogs this weekend. Thank goodness James is only a little sick or we'd be in a sad state. Here Matthew and Iris join James for some morning cuddles and attempts to rip off the glasses.

Later June must join in on the action while James and Matthew play on the floor.

And heaven forbid we leave out Sky.
Meanwhile Olivia's the only smart one in the house. She's decided to stay as far away as possible from our germy-ness. Apparently even her bed wasn't close enough to the outside.

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