Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Warm weather means it's our chance to put Matthew in all of the warm weather clothes that were way too big when he got them last year. They're now a little small and require some stretch to snap, but oh so cute! Here he is in his very first souvenir purchase from his first trip to Thermopolis! Unfortunately, his little legs have yet to catch up to his need for larger pants in the waist.
Matthew's little bug threw him off for the past two weeks and he pretty much refused all foods. The one food he'd eat (maybe because it was gentle on the throat?) was applesauce. The boy loves his applesauce. Though he's back to eating just about everything again he'll still double-fist some applesauce when he gets the chance.

Yesterday, Matthew, the dogs, and a good friend and I went hiking. We were the only car at the trail head so I let the dogs spend the afternoon off-leash. Matthew and I tested out our new baby backpack and between that, keeping an eye on the dogs and you know, having fabulous conversation with a good enough friend willing or crazy enough to travel with our roving pack, I didn't take many pictures. However, I took enough to prove
A) the day was gorgeous!
B) Sky had a blast exploring the Red Rocks

C) June is very lucky we found each other because she's kinda neurotic :) Most days she'll avoid the snow in the yard at all costs. Yesterday, she'd run ahead and find a small snow patch and lay down and wait for us. Crazy little thing!

D) Matthew pretty much enjoyed his day. His new carrier allows him to see over my shoulder which I think he enjoys, but it's still lacking in a comfortable place for him to lay his head when he falls asleep. All in all, it will work perfectly to navigate the airport, but I'm still on the fence about using it for a ton of hiking. Too bad Matthew refused to look at the camera for me even though he was rocking an adorable mohawk.

However, when we got home he showed off his suncreen-styled hair. Though I got his head, it was too bad mommy missed a bit of his left cheek and nose and now Matthew has his first sunburn :( In other accomplishments, Matthew's starting to clap, kinda. Mostly, he likes to clap with his feet:

Sometimes though, he'll get to clapping with his hands which is great fun:

Once Matthew had gone to bed, we decided it was time to take care of the yard carnage from that heavy October snow storm. Rather than try and track down the mayor of Hudson and make eleventy-bajillion runs to the brush pile, we burned. It was a beautiful night for our own little bonfire. Too bad we had more fire than hours before bedtime. With all the debris around and the severe lack of moisture to promote decomposition, we will likely have 4-5 more bonfires in the near future. I think we ought to stock up on marshmallows and graham crackers!


  1. That last fire picture is awesome! And I'm digging the mohawk.

  2. Agreed! That last fire picture is beautiful with the rich blue sky and the roaring fire!

  3. Thanks! I lucked out with that shot. Wish I'd had my tripod so it wouldn't be as blurry. Hope it made up for the tush shot the other day :)


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