Thursday, March 11, 2010

Close Enough!

As any wise old-timer will tell you, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. However, it felt close enough to spring today (at a balmy 45 degrees) for me and we enjoyed it! Maybe it was fate, but this LOL arrived in my feed reader this morning.funny graphs and charts

Yesterday, Matthew and I tested out our new jacket. It's fabulous...except I forgot to put Matthew's hat on before we got situated. We didn't stay outside very long.

Today we got everything right, but the camera and Matthew never seemed to be on the same side. However, he had a great time and was snug as a bug.
We hauled limbs, picked up the garden, mixed the compost, played fetch with Sky and did some bird watching.
(I'm pretty impressed with this pic since I was zoomed pretty far and had a wiggle worm on my back!)

I must confess I had a moment of weakness last week. We decided to order 6 more diapers to round out our collection and extend the time needed between washes. I couldn't resist picking up a pink diaper.

"Just kidding mom, it's cool. Real men wear pink!"

Iris apparently disagrees.

Also, I'm going to be messing with the layout of the blog for a while. Sorry for any confusion!

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