Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello March!

Well, here's our update of our 101 things. We had vowed to give up a few things for the month. All in all, we did well (meaning James did awesome and I did okay which averaged out to well).
33. Give up soda for a month - We both did awesome at this.
38. Go 1 month without fast food or eating out - We came incredibly close. Unfortunately, we didn't get creative with our little weekend trip and stopped for McD's on the way down to Steamboat and Pizza Hut on our way back. We needed to stop and do diaper changes, let little man stretch out and eat etc, and would have felt guilty having a picnic in McD's and would have frozen having a picnic outside. We (okay, I) did however, skip the big city delights of both Starbucks and Cold Stone while we were there. We may try this one again as no matter what it was good for our waistlines and bank accounts
51. Complete the 30 day shred - James is at 25+ days right now and I'm very embarrassingly at 1 day. Jillian Michaels is mean and totally kicked my butt. However, now that Matthew's sleeping much better, I really have no excuse and am going to try and slowly get back into it. I may not complete mine for some time to come as I need to get in shape before doing this workout. After my 1 day I could barely move to get on the floor with Matthew or pick him up gracefully because I was so sore.
61. Stop using our credit cards for convenience for one month and pay for everything with cash - Done. In setting the rules, we decided we'd continue with online bill pay but everything else was done with cash. Our two exceptions were making hotel arrangements for our spring trips. We had to use our credit cards to hold the rooms. We also chose to do Michelle Singletary's 21 day fast for the first 3 weeks. This involved us only buying groceries, medicines and things we absolutely needed (like replacing our toilet valve). Though we are financially comfortable, doing these things was a neat opportunity to change how we discuss money and stuff. And lord knows we don't need any more stuff! Valentine's Day fell during the fast part, so we compromised. Was it a *need* to do something special, no, but within the spectrum of wants, there's a lot of area. We made fondue at home, and even compromised on that. Instead of making it with Emmanthaluer and Gruyere (which runs $16/pound here) we did a cheddar/swiss combo. Still fun and romantic, just much cheaper.

Anyway, here are some more highlights from last week. Here's me playing with the weird settings on my camera. I'm too cheap to buy Photoshop so I'm learning how to use the seemingly unnecessary settings on my camera to do the same thing.

And some more cuteness.

And here's Matthew working on crawling as I write this post.

And then it's time to blow more raspberries. Note where he has moved in relation to the pile of diapers I laid down. Of course, once he had fully moved himself off the diapers it was time to pee on my blanket.

Matthew enjoying his first fajitas.
Matthew helping me make the fajitas. Apparently I need to find the sleep hood that came with the carrier to corral his floppy head!
Matthew's first pizza coma.

Here's what 4pm at our house looks like on a random Wednesday. 2 dogs napping. (Well, 1 dog glaring because I disrupted him with my pesky camera)1 baby who has decided to take too short a nap and has that glazed over look and is ready for a third nap of the day.
1 kitty sleeping while on guard for pesky Flickers.
1 kitty curled up in the chair.

Speaking of Flickers, this is what they are busy doing in our driveway, which explains the ridiculous dirt piles along the cracks in the driveway.

Matthew helps mommy find all the good deals at the grocery store.
More cuteness standing in his crib.

Helping mommy pack to go see grandpa. Sadly I didn't take any pictures of Matthew and grandpa because I kept leaving the camera downstairs. However, you can imagine that it looked a bit like this:
With Matthew flashing his 1,000 watt smile and lots of giggles and raspberries of course!

Here he is enjoying his first adventure at Pizza Hut.

And trying on some sunglasses at the sporting goods store.
Matthew's first bus ride.


  1. if you have mac or linux you can get gimp for free - it is fairly similar to photoshop, though not quite as pretty. (as linux tends to be)

  2. Good point Amy! I had used it a few years ago on a PC and didn't like it, but I'll have to give it another shot.


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