Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So, after a day of panting and another visit to the doctor, Matthew's diagnosis has been upgraded (or downgraded depending on your POV) from RSV to Bronchiolitis. He was given another type of med to deal with the wheezing/panting but the rest of the course of treatment is the same and we're just waiting it out.

In the meantime, the boy is cranky and miserable, and rightfully so. He sounds awful. So, when I was little, sick days meant Campbell's Chicken Noodle, Sprite, saltines and most importantly we got to hang out in mom and dad's bed and watch TV. Since Matthew's too young for any of those sick day delights, the go-to winner to ward off crankiness is . . . raspberries/farting noises. Aside from nebulizing, medicines and nap attempts, this is a sick day necessity for a semi-happy baby.

From earlier today (and yes, that smudge on my lense is likely raspberry spittle. Joy):

And from this evening:

Here's my attempt at getting a pic of Matthew's new tooth. Apparently he has no time to take a break from raspberries.

So, if you call the house and I answer with a hearty "Phfbbbbtttttttttttttt", please call the looney bin for me and tell them I'm on my way : )

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  1. That has to be among the cutest things ever. He's pretty amazing, guys.


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