Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Rookie Mistake

When we were in Cody we picked up a moose lovey for Matthew. Sure enough, he's taken to it. Stupidly, we only bought one. Now I'm thinking we need to go back to Cody so we can get the back-up or 2 as an internet search has not been fruitful unless I'm willing to buy a gross of them. Anyway, here he is sleeping peacefully. He has quite the cough (RSV) that's been keeping him awake and cranky so after a round of nebulizing and medicine he was out like a light. I had forgotten the camera in the nursery after the Iris/Changing table debacle and couldn't resist a sleeping shot. I could however, resist using the flash as a great shot wasn't worth waking him.

If you run across a moose head with a minky/silk blanket body - I'll pay you lots to send one our way : )


  1. If you want, I have a friend who has a pattern for a snuggly bunny head with attached blankie. If he doesn't mind a bunny, I can probably knit him one. :)

  2. Yeah - we have 3 bunnies....good luck finding another moose. I haven't seen the moose. It is adorable. -- Audra

  3. Em - If you can knit antlers on the bunnies, he might go for that :) He loves to gnaw on them.

    So Audra, is 3 enough of a rotation?


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