Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trip to Virginia 1.0

In exciting news, we all lived to tell about our whirlwind trip to Virginia this past weekend. More importantly, we had a wonderful time with family, our flights were mostly uneventful and we made it back with only leaving a likely small trail of Matthew's toys in the airports. The one or two we may have lost weren't his favorites, so we are all good!

I however, am a total freak of nature and tend to take tons of pics at home and rarely remember to take pictures on vacation. Thanks to my parents for passing along the pics they took. Anyway, we headed out east for a wedding where James and I got to get all dressed up (which is comical when your clothes don't fit and you try and shop for replacements between Wal-Mart and KMart). Anyway, we clean up fairly well and spent an evening with the fellow Watson grown-ups at a wonderful wedding.

More importantly, that meant that Matthew spent his first night away from us with Grandma and Grandpa. From the looks of it, he didn't seem to mind.

He even put on quite a show for grandpa with his dinner. I love some of these facial expressions!

The next morning at breakfast, Matthew learned how to pose for the camera from his two uncles.

He also learned how silly Uncle Ed is! (Unfortunately, we took this with my little camera which doesn't have a great mic so you can't hear all the little giggles that go with it.) He really likes it when Taryn does it, but I hadn't gotten the camera out yet.

Over the course of the weekend, we somehow ended up at Tyson's Corner 3 times. On our last visit we decided to test out the stroller instead of letting Matthew ride in the backpack. I've always said that the only time I thought I'd need/want a stroller was in a mall. The stroller is fine, James and I are however, Mall incompatible. I don't know why I thought that if I can barely navigate myself through a crowd I'd be able to do it with a stroller. Oh well, at least Matthew had fun!

I think we have more pics hidden on cameras somewhere, but our unpacking my total exhaustion. All in all, nothing beats time with family and I think Matthew agrees. Just 2.5 weeks until we do this all again!

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  1. I see Lil' Matt knows how to put the charm on at the dinner table... "How you doin'"


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