Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Turf Wars

So, last night Matthew woke up around 1:30a. Recently, this has not been his norm, but he's still getting back on track from the weekend . . . oh yeah, and tooth #7 is officially coming out to play so I thought nothing of it. Anyway, I get into the hall and notice the door is slightly open. "Crap" I think, "I probably forgot to shut it all the way". Then I step in to find Iris on the changing table. I assume I forgot to shut the door, throw the cat out, soothe Matthew and go back to sleep.

When Matthew does his 4:30am wake up, I find the same scenario. This time I'm certain I had shut the door. I go in, throw the cat out, nurse Matthew and go back to sleep.

We wake up around 6:30am. It hits me that a) Iris is completely capable of opening doors and b)the odds of Iris opening the door without waking Matthew are probably pretty slim. Without the requisite opposable thumbs and 5 ft height, she's pretty lousy at opening doors with grace.

Matthew and I hang out for a bit and then we go back into the nursery. This is what I find:
The moment Matthew looked at Olivia (on the right), she was out. However, the standoff with Iris continued:

*Please pardon the shaky videoing. I was bracing myself the entire time to throw down the camera and save Matthew as he might launch himself backward in a fit of laughter*

In the end, Iris held her ground and had to be thrown off the changing table.

Later that evening, James and Matthew went for another round. Sadly, Iris won again . . . but at least she provided a comfy pillow for a while :)


  1. I am shocked that Iris puts up with that! So many cats I know would never let a baby lay on them, or pull at their tails. It's great you don't have to worry about her scratching him (at least not too much).

  2. Yeah, we've been pretty shocked too. If/when she gets really annoyed she'll give a warning bat (so far without claws) and then leaves. I think she thinks she's a dog!


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