Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy 9 months!

Apparently Matthew is approaching aging the same way I am . . .

. . . or maybe he's pissed he got stuck under the coffee table. It could probably go either way.

However, he's as content as can be wrapped in Dad's 'Wild Rag' (Linked in case you need some Cowboy style edumacation).
Or playing with grandma.
Maybe it was just the evil coffee table and aging isn't so bad afterall. Happy 3/4 Birthday Little Man! What a blessing you are to our crazy family. Can't wait to see what the next 9 months brings!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Virginia Fun

Somedays, little man just needs a sink bath . . . even at grandma's.
Then it's time for lots of kisses from grandma and grandpa before they go to work.

While grandma and grandpa were at work, Matthew made sure to take good care of the furniture with lots of zerberts.

Matthew also loves games of peek-a-boo around the chair with grandpa.But he especially loves hugs (and standing).
Grandma made some yummy buffalo chicken pizza.
though it may have been a little spicy for Matt.
On Sunday, we went to brunch at the Gristmill. It was the perfect occasion for little man to wear a suit, as well as attempting a family photo. We managed to get one where everyone was almost looking at the camera instead of little man. Little man, meanwhile, looks as if he has no idea what's going on.
Brunch was yummy and Matthew even got to taste a tiny bit of their fabulous chocolate mousse. He approved.

Then it was time to play outside and do some reaching and crawling attempts.

But that's never as much fun as hanging out with Uncle Matt and Grandpa.

Then Matthew ended his weekend in the best way possible, with bath, cuddles and a story with grandma.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stealing Pics

Here are some pics I stole from my parent's camera. This is Matthew testing out the Lee family cup at grandma and grandpa Watson's.

And here he is refusing to allow us to use grandma Sheryl's apron as a bib.He also spent some time hanging out at Uncle Matt's bachelor pad.

And I found a small trove of newborn pics of Matthew on Mom's camera that I hadn't downloaded. It was perfect timing as a friend has been sharing pics of her gorgeous newborn and I've been missing my cuddly little newborn. I loved this one:
And here's a picture of mom getting Matthew's Easter present signed. I LOVE Jan Brett's books. She writes some really good stories, but it's really her illustrations that make the books. They are intricate and fabulous. Anyway, mom got Matthew a copy of "The Easter Egg" signed. She also was able to get some signed bookplates for other Brett books in our collection. I'm still jealous she got to meet her.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Matthew and I are slowly recovering from our travels and enjoying time with grandma and grandpa. After 5 different flights with an array of different stewardesses with different rules about carseats we arrived in Virginia. First, however, we also had a wonderful visit with NotMom and Uncle Eric in the Village of Scotia and then we attended a fabulous wedding (well, I attended a fabulous wedding and Matthew stayed with a fabulous sitter). Congrats Lisa and Rob! I was so overwhelmed by the awesomeness of their wedding,reception, family and friends that I forgot to take pictures for most of the event. *Note to self: 1. Pack fewer things so you can bring the good camera next time. 2. Learn to use your little camera indoors if it's the only camera you bring*
Matthew is definitely enjoying the greenness of the East Coast while we are here.
Here's the green we had before we left:

Including this green he received in the mail from Uncle Matt before we left. He loves his new frog.
And here's the green he played in today. It was a gorgeous day and a nice change from our "lawn" in Wyoming.

Matthew helped grandpa Ron mow by pulling out the grass and eating it. I tried to teach him to shoot for pulling out the dandelions, but he preferred the grass.
Grandpa Ron didn't seem too disappointed when he came home from work.

He and Matthew had a great time catching up about their days.

Matthew also went to school with grandma to meet some of her friends this afternoon. He is certainly a ladies man and enjoyed the attention. Hopefully he'll grow into his rightful nerdiness before high school, otherwise James and I are in trouble :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Travel Miracle

The problem with traveling from Riverton is that in order to get to the East Coast at a somewhat reasonable time, your best bet is the 6am flight out of town. That means a 4am wake up (at least) which is generally about 3 hours short of Matthew's full night of sleep. Last night we had a visitor at bedtime so Matthew stayed up to play, meaning he's 4 hours short of sleep to start our trip. Awesome.

There's really no good way to get M back to sleep once at the airport so my only hope for a good start to the trip is that he sleeps on the puddle jumper for about an hour. Today, however, we had a crazy flight attendant who insisted I hold Matthew on take-off and landing. Apparently where my carseat says "Approved by the NHTSA for use on aircraft" was not good enough for her to believe it was allowed to be used on, uhmm, an aircraft. Please note, this is the exact opposite of all normal advice on a plane for adult safety and really defeated the purpose of my dragging the carseat onto the plane. This also cut his nap short by 15 mins. each on take off and landing. Meaning he barely got a 20 minute nap. Even more awesome.

So, after another delicious floor breakfast in the Denver airport we were approaching near meltdown. However, with a little ingenuity, seat jiggling and in general good luck that there are no departing planes and obnoxious announcements near us for the moment, behold this miracle:
which leaves me plenty of time to share this inane information with you all while trying not to drool on the hipster with the iPad next to me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trouble's Brewing

I left Matthew to play on the floor in his bedroom near the round blue thing in the back of the picture. When I came back, this is where I found him. He's still not crawling, just efficiently scooting but I think we're in trouble.
Meanwhile, in their various states of frustration with me and the steam mop (sidenote: a scooting baby makes sweeping/mopping the floors daily imperative), the pets lined up to mope on the steps. Until this stops being a joke and I can find one at Wal-Mart, I'll likely have very mopey pets. Olivia disapproves of Iris's lack of participation in the boycott . . .
until she realizes that Iris had gone rogue and was protesting from above the steps.

At least Olivia doesn't hold a grudge and they're back to being best buds.

And last but not least, one cute, spinach and yogurt covered baby.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Fun

Here's some videos/pictures James took last weekend that we didn't get a chance to post. The video cracks me up because Matthew was giggling so hard his legs wouldn't hold him. You can also hear his jealous sibling in the background toward the end.

Bathtime fun:

Iris's covert attempt to listen in on the bedtime story:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Easter Fun

Here are some more pics from Easter day. Matthew was a little overwhelmed with his Easter basket and toys. He goes for the basket first:Then decides his new car is pretty cool.
He liked the dino eggs
But they didn't taste as good as the dyed ones!
The cats thought Matthew's gifts were great
And both of them got in on the action
Apparently, Olivia took this all very seriously.
But it was Iris who was sent on the covert egg mission
Olivia then set her sights on Matthew's Mum-Mum
Which apparently tasted a little better than the Easter grass
Even if we never opened it!
Admittedly, Matthew's not so certain about actually sitting on his new scooter thing, but he loves playing with the doo-dads around it. Here's his first attempt at sitting on it:

"Chill mom, I got this"
Later, we Skyped with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Matt. Little Matt was very helpful in setting up the technology.
They told us all about the eggs they dyed and shared this awesome picture. Their eggs may have been better than ours this year . . .
but we had this adorable little distraction while we tried to finish up! I'm pretty certain egg dyeing patience won't grace this house for a few more years at least.

Easter morning Matthew tried his first Easter egg. At first he wasn't too impressed.
Then, as I had promised Uncle Matt during our Skype session, I let little Matt experiment with a Peep. Being the fabulous mother that I am, I gave it to him for breakfast :-) Matthew however, was not impressed with the peep.


Total Annihilation.
Then it was disgust, followed by redemption for the hard-boiled egg.

Apparently, this year I didn't need to be worried about the Peep as a choking hazard as it didn't make it anywhere near his mouth. Actually, I envision the only year I'll really *need* to worry about Peeps as choking hazards will be be a year we spend Easter with one of the uncles who feels the need to teach Matthew how to play Chubby Bunny, because well, that's the type of thing Uncles are for.

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