Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting Ready for the Easter Bunny

Friday Matthew spent the day scooting around the house. He's really working to crawl. Unfortunately, he ends up going backwards A LOT and often times our pesky couch is in the way. The video's a bit long (2 min.) but I think he was too cute 'singing' along with the Counting Crows as he ends up stuck under the couch:

Matthew also tried out a toy for the Easter Bunny at Big R. Though it was cute, we think the Easter Bunny decided to pass and may have something else in mind.

When we got home, it was time to dye eggs. At first he wasn't so sure about it.

Then he gave the egg a good taste.

And then went for the dye with full force.

Matthew's first Easter egg. Not bad considering the egg never made it into the cup!

More egg dyeing fun! James took a ton of pics, so I posted more (they're a little repetitive) over here in our Picasa acct. Here were just a few favorites!

Besides tasting the eggs, Matthew really wanted to drink the dye.

Flying eggs mean it's about time to quit.

At least clean up is fun!

The finished products. Only the 5 on the left ended up cracked, and only 4 of those were because of Matthew ;)

And last but not least, time for dinner and a bath. We were still finding green in unexpected places.

Anyway, we took a lot of fun pics and videos this weekend so we'll try and slowly share them over the week. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter celebration with their loved ones.

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