Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle John!

Today is Uncle John's birthday! Happy Birthday! Since I'm only the sister-in-law, I don't feel I have the same latitude to post old embarrassing pics like I did for uncle Matt, but I did find this the other day and thought of John and his cats:

funny pictures of cats with captions

Speaking of Uncle John's cats, here are some pics I got of his cat Emma. She decided to come over and play with my camera cord, hence the ridiculously close and awkward shots. She's quite a cutie! I also got some pics of his other cat, Mosby, and Matthew, but I think I took them on someone else's camera :-)

She also likes love from Grandma Watson.

Speaking of vacation, Matthew picked up a new sound on our vacation. I'm not certain if I should blame grandpa Ron who may have taken him out for banana ice cream or banana slurpees . . . or if I should blame one of those wily uncles who may have taught him to say "no, no" to mom and dad just for fun.

Since we've been back, Matthew's spent a lot of time exploring the floor and rocking on all fours. He's become quite efficient at scooting backward. The combination of his fleece sleeper and the wood floors in the nursery made him a speed demon the other afternoon, but on the carpet he's not as efficient.

They opened a fancy new Safeway in Lander on Wednesday. Since it was cold and starting to snow and Matt has finally grown into it, it was the perfect occasion to wear this super adorable outfit from Grandma Sheryl. Our friend who runs a dog kennel loved it when we ran into her (you know, the grand opening of Safeway IS the social event of the season!)

Matthew was also pretty excited to see his animals again.

And some more pictures from our trip. First hanging out with Uncle Matt

And Grandpa John

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