Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Easter Fun

Here are some more pics from Easter day. Matthew was a little overwhelmed with his Easter basket and toys. He goes for the basket first:Then decides his new car is pretty cool.
He liked the dino eggs
But they didn't taste as good as the dyed ones!
The cats thought Matthew's gifts were great
And both of them got in on the action
Apparently, Olivia took this all very seriously.
But it was Iris who was sent on the covert egg mission
Olivia then set her sights on Matthew's Mum-Mum
Which apparently tasted a little better than the Easter grass
Even if we never opened it!
Admittedly, Matthew's not so certain about actually sitting on his new scooter thing, but he loves playing with the doo-dads around it. Here's his first attempt at sitting on it:

"Chill mom, I got this"
Later, we Skyped with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Matt. Little Matt was very helpful in setting up the technology.
They told us all about the eggs they dyed and shared this awesome picture. Their eggs may have been better than ours this year . . .
but we had this adorable little distraction while we tried to finish up! I'm pretty certain egg dyeing patience won't grace this house for a few more years at least.

Easter morning Matthew tried his first Easter egg. At first he wasn't too impressed.
Then, as I had promised Uncle Matt during our Skype session, I let little Matt experiment with a Peep. Being the fabulous mother that I am, I gave it to him for breakfast :-) Matthew however, was not impressed with the peep.


Total Annihilation.
Then it was disgust, followed by redemption for the hard-boiled egg.

Apparently, this year I didn't need to be worried about the Peep as a choking hazard as it didn't make it anywhere near his mouth. Actually, I envision the only year I'll really *need* to worry about Peeps as choking hazards will be be a year we spend Easter with one of the uncles who feels the need to teach Matthew how to play Chubby Bunny, because well, that's the type of thing Uncles are for.

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